A bottle full of nature in Kitakata
Sake that you can enjoy local production for local consumption

Yamatogawa Sake Brewery Junmai Daiginjo Aizu Winter

Yamatogawa Sake Brewery Junmai Daiginjo Aizu Winter

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With the goal of local production for local consumption, from the desire to make products responsibly from 1 to 10, Yamatogawa Sake Brewery makes rice in-house and polishes it. It is used as sake rice .

"Aizu no Fuyu" is a sake that incorporates the thoughts of Yamatogawa Sake Brewery.

Sake rice uses the "dream scent" of low pesticide-free fertilizer rice cultivated in-house.

The water that is the fertile land that flows through the rice fields is soft water that permeates through the basement from the mountain in the northwestern region of Kitakata, which is also counted as one of the 100 famous mountains called Mt. is.

By treating the water used as the raw material and the water used as the raw material from the same source, the natural environment of Kitakata is confined to the taste of sake as it is, Light and elegant aroma It is an unfiltered unfiltered sake where you can feel the taste of and rice.

In addition, works are held in world-famous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The work of (1907-1997) is used for the label.

Kiyoshi Saito, who was born in Aizu, produced the first issue of "Aizu no Fuyu" at the age of 33, and will announce a series of works throughout his life.

In "Aizu no Fuyu", one of the so-called "Noren series" depicting Aizu's long-established store, "Aizu no Fuyu Kitakata" (1988) was drawn with the Noren of Yamatogawa Sake Brewery. did.

Winter is the easiest to draw. It erases where you don't need snow and leaves only what I want to draw.

Kiyoshi Saito said

, and the most important thing was the composition.

The blue curtains fluttering in the monotone snow make you feel the presence of people in the silence.

Please enjoy cold sake.

Behind the Scenes

Safety and security starts with energy production. Making sake brewing sustainable

As a sake brewery with an average age of early 30s and a history of about 230 years, I saw many times the cheerful greetings and smiling eyes of young brewers. The light behind their eyes, the reason is ...

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Distributor Joint-stock company Yamatogawa Sake Brewery
Product name Junmai Daiginjo Aizu Winter
Capacity 720ml / 1.8L
Alcohol content 16 degrees
Rice polishing rate 45%
Item Sake
Raw material name Rice (domestic), Rice Jiuqu (domestic rice)
Sake degree + 3
Storage Please keep it in a refrigerator or the like.
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