Ultraviolet rays, insects, pollen in one
Sun protection for golfers

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ZERO HOLE UV care set
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ZERO HOLE UV care set

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  • UV care, insect repellent, and pollen countermeasures can be achieved with just one
  • Suppresses sweat and body odor, and has a natural scent of natural origin
  • Limited set ideal for sports and outdoors


UV care, insect repellent, and pollen countermeasures can be achieved with just one

Sunburn measures are one of the problems common to men and women of all ages in the summer.

I see a lot of sunscreen items at drug stores, but I have met sunscreens for golfers who play under the shining sun. I've never had one.

Golf, which is played in an environment close to nature among outdoor sports such as insects and pollen due to the falling ultraviolet rays, is a tougher sport than you can imagine. The sunscreen for golfers of ZERO HOLE was born so that golfers who play in such an environment can concentrate on their own play without stress.

Japan's highest standard value SPF / PA , as well as eucalyptus that insects dislike Leaf oil , Contains pollen countermeasure ingredients , so you can take care of obstacles to play with just one and concentrate on performance. ..

Taking into account the requests from golfers from various aspects, apply so that "stickiness" and "slip" do not interfere with play. It is said that he was particular about the smooth feel from the moment.

Pursuing safety because it is applied to the skin

Because sunscreen is applied to the skin, we want to give maximum consideration to quality and safety. Based on this idea, we jointly developed with the Noevir Group, which has a reputation for high quality. It is a safe prescription that even children can use with confidence.

And in golf, which is also a battle against the heat, the smell of sweat is something that really bothers me. For such people, the chlorhydroxy Al formulation suppresses sweat and body odor odors.

There is no chemical odor peculiar to sunscreen, and I am happy that the faint natural scent of natural origin that can be used by both men and women relieves the tension during play.

Easy whole body care, By Emotion Limited set

And ZERO HOLE that can easily take care of the whole body according to the purpose, such as those that can be easily removed with hot water, those that can be applied without touching, and those that can be sprayed so that they can be used properly according to various needs and situations.

By Emotion introduces 3 of the most popular products as a limited set.

Not only UV rays but also insects and pollen measures , not to mention golf fur, outdoor such as camping and outdoor Active in every scene .

[Set contents]

・ No.1 sunscreen cream

Although it is waterproof, it is light and silky. A discerning cream type that suppresses stickiness.

SPF50 +, PA ++++ Not only the defense power but also the moisturizing ingredient gives a firm luster.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly. You can use it on your face and body.

・ No.4 Sunscreen spray

A transparent spray type that can be sprayed anywhere on hair, scalp, and makeup. You can take care of your whole body without getting your hands dirty, and even if you spray it on your hair, it will not be stiff.

It is not sticky, so it is also recommended for repainting during the round.

How to use: Shake the can well, spray an appropriate amount at least 15 cm away from the skin, and spread it evenly. It can also be used on the face, body and hair.

・ No.8 Sunscreen to be applied Frozen shot

A new sensation care that can be applied directly without getting your hands dirty. It is used by many golfers because it does not damage the grip and allows you to grip the club immediately after applying it.

How to use: Shake it 10 times or more and press it directly against the part you want to paint, and then spread it as it is.



Distributor Hako Co., Ltd.
Product name ZERO HOLE Whole body UV care set
Set contents ・ Sunscreen cream (unscented) 25g
・ Sunscreen spray (unscented) 50g
・Sunscreen to be applied Frozen shot (unscented) 60g
Shipping schedule After ordering, we will ship within 10 business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Delivery method We will ship from Hakko Co., Ltd.
Shipping fee (tax included) Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands 1,210 yen
Other areas 770 yen


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