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Shobun vinegar 17 years old brown rice vinegar

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  • Brown rice vinegar that has been aged for 17 years, usually about 2 years
  • The acidity is about twice that of normal vinegar and it is soy sauce
  • Mix with olive oil and add a few drops of soy sauce.


The aging period of brown rice vinegar is usually about 2 years, but 17 years of aging brown rice vinegar is By Emotion limited < Sold at t4>.

Shobun vinegar brown rice vinegar is a representative that has been made using a special jar since its establishment more than 300 years ago, using the manufacturing method that has been handed down by oral tradition. It is a product.

Since liquor is fermented in a cool environment and vinegar is fermented in a warm environment, the jars used when fermenting brown rice vinegar are half buried in the ground. The underground is cool so you can make good sake, and the above-ground part is warm so you can make good vinegar. Convection is created in the jar and fermentation progresses slowly.

Brown rice fermenting in jars

Brown rice vinegar, which has been fermented for about half a year, is transferred to barrels and aged.

By aging brown rice vinegar, amino acids, which are umami ingredients, increase, and the vinegar vinegar is rounded and deepened. It is also said that abundant amino acids improve blood flow and suppress the rise of blood pressure .

From the playfulness of craftsmen, this product was born by aging for 17 years without opening only one barrel.

Recommended way to eat

The acidity of is 11% due to the gradual volatilization during the aging of 17 years, which is about twice the acidity of normal vinegar (4% to 5%) . Since it is , we asked Kenichi Aoki , who has been the chef of Italian for 20 years, for the recommended way to eat it.

  • 17-year-old brown rice vinegar and olive oil dressing

    Mix brown rice vinegar and olive oil at a ratio of 1: 2-3.
    (Please adjust the sourness to your liking by changing the amount of olive oil.)

    Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for olive oil.

    By scooping up from the bottom with a spoon for a dozen seconds and emulsifying, the separated vinegar and olive oil are mixed.

    When I had you taste it together with " Olio di Porrona Extra Virgin Olive Oil" sold by our company, the fresh scent of olive oil and moderately mild acidity, The dressing goes well with vegetables.

    If you like, add a little salt or soy sauce at the end.

Left: Before emulsification (lower side: brown rice vinegar, upper side: olive oil) Right: after emulsification

  • Add a small amount of 17-year-old vinegar to a sour dressing to increase the richness and acidity. (Mix a little with ready-made dressings to increase the acidity.
  • In addition, please use it for meat dishes and fish dishes as well as normal brown rice vinegar. A small amount will completely change the aroma and umami.

Behind the Scenes

The connection between humans and bacteria with a warehouse.
"Raising" that lasts for 300 years

Where did your ancestors live and do 300 years ago? Seitaro Takahashi, a shobun vinegar founded in Enokizu, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, who can answer this question that would be difficult for many people to answer ...

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Distributor Shobunzu Co., Ltd.
Product name Rice vinegar
Raw material name Rice (brown rice) (domestic)
Acidity 11% The acidity is higher than that of normal rice vinegar. Please be careful about the amount when using.
Contents 200ml
Expiration date 18 months from the date of manufacture (bottled) * Please refer to the product label for the exact expiration date.
How to save Please save away from direct sunlight. After opening, store in a cool and dark place and use as soon as possible.
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