Nuclear-free Keshipearl from 4 major production areas
One like the Pacific Ocean lined up



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The V-shaped parts of

K18 are the motif of victory, and is a wish that human beings can overcome plagues and disasters and become in a peaceful world without conflict.

Pearls are made only from non-nuclear Keshi pearls, starting with Victory parts and extending to the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Tahiti, where pearls are produced south of the Pacific Ocean. It is laid out to surround it.

The color gradation and the form created by the uniquely shaped pearls can be used genderlessly because we are wholesalers and can obtain pearls from all over the world.

Also, you can enjoy changing the presence by hooking it on the Victory parts.

* About poppy pearls
General cultured pearls are cultivated by putting round nuclei in pearl oysters. In the process, poppy pearls are created by accidentally wrapping a nacre around something.

Since it is naturally nucleated, it takes a long time to grow even if it is smaller than general cultured pearls, and the two do not have the same shape.

* This product is in stock. Therefore, although there are differences in shape and association with the works in the photograph due to Keshipearl, we will combine the best layout and shape. If you would like to consider purchasing by looking at the stock, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

Behind the Scenes

Treasure the individuality as it is. Pearls that upgrade your style

The bracelet is made by Takashi Deguchi of PEARL FAR EAST (PFE). Born and raised in Ise-Shima, the birthplace of pearl farming, Mr. Deguchi became a Japanese corporation that cultivates pearls in Tahiti through his acquaintance after graduating from university ...

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Distributor Pearl Far East Co., Ltd.
Product name Victory Keshi Genderless Necklace
Material White Butterfly Keshipearl, Black Butterfly Keshipearl, K18 Parts
Length 86cm
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