Auspicious year of the monkey Nanko Ume
Pickled only once every 12 years

Godaian Umeshu of the year of the monkey
Godaian Umeshu of the year of the monkey

Godaian Umeshu of the year of the monkey

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Umeshu from Nanko Ume is a popular item from Higashi Farm, which was founded in 1834 (Tenpo 5) and has a vast farm in Minabe Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Among the more than 10 variations produced, the one that uses the most precious plum is the plum wine of this year.

The last year of the monkey was In 2016, the plum wine , which was carefully pickled from Kishu Nanko plums harvested after several Shinto rituals, is refreshing. Easy-to-drink finish with a smooth mouthfeel. Also, if you let it age for the desired period without opening it, it will become even more mellow plum wine. Please enjoy it with rock and soda.

Adjustment Shinto ritual on July 30, 2016



Distributor Higashi Farm Co., Ltd.
Product name Umeshu of the year of the monkey
Raw material name Plum (produced in Wakayama prefecture), sugar, brewed alcohol
Contents 720ml
Alcohol concentration 16 degrees
Container Wooden box

・ After turning 20 years old.

・ Underage drinking is prohibited by law.

-Drinking during pregnancy or lactation may affect the development of the fetus or baby.

・ Precipitation may occur.

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