Male dog full of suppressed emotions

With desire, restraint, and unhateable loveliness

form Taku Oishi / Taku OISHI


Artist with renewed men's underwear Part 1 Part 2

¥660,000 (Tax included, shipping fee not included)




Writer Taku Oishi / Taku OISHI
1981 After graduating from high school, enrolled in the oil painting department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
1985 Solo exhibition at "Kaneko Art G1" in Ginza, which also serves as a graduation work for Tokyo University of the Arts
1988 Traveling to France
After returning to Japan in 1992, he has been working as an illustration and display for lecturers and department stores
. 1995 Solo exhibition at "Shirota Gallery" in Ginza
1998 Solo exhibition at "Sky Door Gallery" in Aoyama
2000 Established a planning and manufacturing manufacturer
In 2014 he gave up the company and resumed his oil painting production activities
2015 Nezu "Gallery Maruhi" exhibition participation
2016 Solo exhibition at "Gallery Tsubaki" in Kyobashi
2017 Participated in the Nezu "Gallery Maruhi" exhibition
Size 1000mm x 727mm / P40
Technique Oil on canvas
Edition Original
Sign Yes
Forehead specification We will deliver it with a temporary frame (black paint on aluminum), but if you do not need it, please let us know. In that case, the screw holes on the sides will remain, but it will not affect the value of the work.
When decorating the work on the wall with the temporary frame, the string is fixed directly to the back of the canvas with a metal hook, so there will be a hole in the wooden frame, but this also does not affect the value of the work. There is no such thing. Metal fitting hooks, hanging straps, etc. are available (free of charge), so please let us know if you have any requests.
The temporary frame is simple. We recommend that you change the frame to your liking according to the interior.
Delivery time Approximately 3 weeks
Shipping fee The actual cost will be settled separately.


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