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Manufacturing is "comfort"
Asahikawa furniture workshop that craftsmen long for


Do you know a furniture maker called "the longing of young craftsmen"?

It is a craftsmanship with a workshop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. In the northern area overlooking Daisetsuzan, we are particular about handicrafts and focus on chairs and tables. Over 40 years of specializing in wooden furniture A group of craftsmen who become is.

I'm grateful that you can call me that. But I don't think we're doing anything special compared to others.

That's what Mr. Tsuyoshi Kuwahara, managing director of Takumi Kogei, talked about this time. Yoshihiko, the founder and representative's father, says that the craftsmanship that began with the manufacture of custom-made furniture "continues to connect what he learned from the representative as a tradition" since the company was founded.

Work using natural materials in an environment surrounded by nature overlooking Daisetsuzan. From this, it is said that Mr. Yoshihiko has not changed. Natural and craft mind ".

By multiplying the warmth of wood with the warmth of handicrafts, it is said that we continue to protect the creation of comfortable furniture.

Daisetsuzan watching over craftsmanship

Asahikawa called "Furniture Town"

Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, where such craftsmanship is located, is called the "city of furniture" because it produces abundant high-quality wood.

Asahikawa's furniture industry started in the middle of the Meiji era. 7 It is said that many construction craftsmen moved from Honshu and started manufacturing furniture because the division was set up, the railway was opened, and a wooden factory was opened for the maintenance of passenger cars.

Nowadays, furniture made in neighboring areas such as Asahikawa City, Higashikawa Town, and Higashi Kagura Town is popular as a kind of genre as "Asahikawa Furniture" among furniture lovers.

Nowadays, furniture manufactured in Hokkaido 6 Asahikawa is said to be produced in Asahikawa, and there are many offices in the city, making it one of Japan's major furniture producing areas. and 3 A year 1 Every time" IFDA The international furniture design competition is held, and excellent wooden furniture works are gathered from all over the world, expanding the possibilities of furniture by design.

Wooden furniture pieces from all over the world for IFDA

"Longing for young craftsmen" who can challenge the potential as a craftsman

Why is craftsmanship called "a longing for young craftsmen" in Asahikawa, a city of furniture? Mr. Kuwahara talks about the difference from other furniture makers.

I think that the range of work that craftsmen carry is wide. Other manufacturers are in charge of each process, but we are not in charge of specialized departments such as painting and chair upholstery. Craftsmen perform all processing, assembly, polishing, etc.

Since the beginning of the company was to make custom-made furniture for orders from 1 to 10, that system remains.

Therefore, it becomes clear where you are doing now, and it becomes easier to make quality judgments.

About 90% of craftsmen in craftsmanship It is a national qualification Have a furniture making technician It is said that the company also recommends the acquisition of a skill test to maintain quality.

As you can see, there are many things that one person does, but on the other hand, the production is Ten It is said that it is done in a group of weak names, and the structure that seniors teach to juniors is left.

A world of skills where there is no practice and you learn everything in practice. Mr. Kuwahara says, "There is an environment where you can do it if you want to do it," such as the commercialization of designs created by craftsmen in the past.

Also, there is no standard number of years for the independence of craftsmen, and there is a wide range of possibilities depending on motivation and enthusiasm, which is probably the reason why young craftsmen from all over the country gather in craftsmanship.

Making furniture that is "happy" on the other side of quality functions

Takumi crafts that not only make furniture, but also repair and clean furniture.

It is said that many of the furniture brought in for cleaning is filled with the history and feelings of the user, and the furniture that Mr. Kuwahara met when he was a craftsman was also deeply moved.

I was hoping to repair only the top plate of a certain desk, but by all means, by assembling the rattling made by an amateur, do you fix this and use it? It was in a state that made me think.

However, when I asked him about the situation, he said that it was a desk made by his deceased grandfather, and he wanted to continue using it somehow.

Mr. Kuwahara said that the moment he heard that word, his values as a furniture craftsman changed.

In addition to quality functions, furniture has something in it. "Furniture that can be repaired and continued to be used is truly happy," said Mr. Kuwahara, who strongly said, "I think it is the mission of craftsmen to continue making such products."

Left: Top plate before repair Right: Top plate after repair

Our products are in the lives of those who use them. For example, I think I will buy a new car, but I think that the memories of each car will overlap and become my life. Such, Furniture that can be talked about for the person's life I hope to become.

"Creating comfort" beyond manufacturing

Beginning with the selection of carefully selected materials, about Ten Strength test covering items, and excellent design that fits in the space.

The chairs and tables created by craftsmen are truly first-class products that have gone through all these processes. However, the history of furniture begins only when there are people who use it.

From that, "I'm making chairs and tables, I want to create "comfort" beyond that Mr. Kuwahara says.

Takumi Kogei is a workshop watched by Daisetsuzan, and continues to create "comfort" called "furniture" today.