Fruit incense produced by original stills
Mamoru Tsuchiya's "Hitotaru" vol.5



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  • A barrel selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya, a leading whiskey critic
  • Cask strength
  • Especially compatible with ethnic and fish dishes 〇


series selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya vol.5

A single cask with only barrels 1 selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya, a leading whiskey critic and presided over by the Institute of Whiskey Culture "Lough Lomond Inchmurrin 2010 year".

Lough Lomond is a single malt whiskey made in Scotland, and this bottle is a barrel that Mr. Tsuchiya tasted from 5 species samples and chose himself. Cask strength non-chill (without chill filtration), single cask, Cask strength not found in official bottles.

The goodness of inch marine is emphasized from

, and the barrel is a refilled bourbon barrel, which goes well with light type inch marine.

Fresh malt flavor created with original still

Lough Lomond's distillery is located in the South Highlands of Scotland, and its biggest feature is the pot still called straight neck . This unique straight neck refastening still has a 17 step sheave tray inside. The first kettle has the same appearance, but there is no sheave tray inside.


spirits are rectified using this 17 shelf, but the upper shelf has a higher alcohol content and the lower shelf has a lower alcohol content. Spirits are made separately using the height difference of this shelf.

This inchmurrin uses non-peat malt and this unique still of Lough Lomond, which is also high alcohol ( 84 < Distilled with t8>%).

Light, clean, fresh malt flavor and faint oiliness are said to be largely due to this still.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

In 1994 , a barrel factory was opened on the distillery site, but it is said that only 4 have barrel factories on their own site in Scotland. ing. At the barrel factory, a Richard (re-baking) machine has been introduced to consistently manage barrel repair, distillation, and aging.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

It goes well with ethnic dishes ◎, gorgeous fruit scent

Mr. Tsuchiya talks about the taste of this original bottle, Lough Lomond.

Very fruity, soft, fresh and undrinkable. It has a fascinating fruity scent, like a rose bank distilled three times.

With a very small amount of water, it tastes like apple tea in the sun.

Even beginners of whiskey can easily drink straight or with a small amount of water, and even if it is a highball in the coming season, you can enjoy its fruity and gorgeous taste.

Also, it goes well with ethnic dishes such as Thai and Vietnamese, so please try the mariage with fish dishes such as sashimi.

Behind the Scenes

The world's "hito barrel" selected by the leading whiskey critic

Since the 2000s, whiskey has been attracting more and more attention in recent years due to the appearance of highball and health consciousness such as low sugar. Mr. Tsuchiya, a whiskey critic and representative of the Whiskey Culture Research Institute, has earned tremendous trust in the whiskey industry ...

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Distributor Whiskey Culture Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Product name Loch Lomond Inchmurrin 2010 10yo (Loch Lomond Inch Marine 2010 10)
Distillery Loch Lomond Distillery
Production number Limited 251
Capacity 700ml
Frequency 57.9 degrees
Distillation year March 2010
Bourbon year August 2020
Cask Type Refill Bourbon Barrel
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Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform 1,000 yen


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