Interview with Taku Oishi, the creator of TOOT (Part 2)

Renewed sense of men's underwear
Pants shop created by an artist


2000 Since the brand was born in 2000, products have been lined up at the Isetan Shinjuku store, and at the end of the year of release, sales far exceeded buyers' expectations. TOOT . Why did the artist's first pants make a leap?

From the stage of making the first template, Mr. Oishi had the concept of aiming for a high-class maison of pants.

Even if the design is imitated, Like a high-class apparel maison that cannot imitate advanced sewing technology, we are particular about sewing . For example, pants from other companies have a rough and “just inside out” look when turned inside out, but TOOT is almost the same as the surface even when turned inside out.

This is not the result of thinking from the beginning, but the result of repeated corrections and adjustments until I was satisfied. When it was completed, it happened to have a beautiful finish on the back.

As you say, TOOT is so beautiful that it can be mistaken for the surface even if it is turned inside out. Even though it's the back of the pants, a can stop is also used for sewing.

Since I was looking at overseas markets from the beginning, I was particular about the design of the front cup.

Depending on whether or not the country has a culture of circumcision, the way the male genitalia are stored in the pants will change, but even the pants made by a manufacturer specializing in underwear have no ingenuity in the front cup. For TOOT sewing, we consider where the top of the curve of the front cup is located, and also consider the slightly different tension and hold feeling in the front cup .

In order to make the rubber on the foot of the foot not loosen immediately, it is said that various materials were purchased and trial production was repeated.

On the other hand, Mr. Oishi says that the comfort of the hips is also important.

I think the hold of the hips is just as important as the front cup, even with a shallow design. Most people choose pants by waist size, but I think that the fit of the hips also affects the comfort of wearing .

Therefore, the cutting and sewing of the hip part is also uniquely devised. Since its release, there are no end to copy products of TOOT , but it is said that the detailed structure cannot be completely copied when other companies disassemble the pants of TOOT .

Thinking about business like drawing a picture

Mr. Oishi, who had no experience of learning the economy and was not good at learning from books, thought about the sales promotion scheme of TOOT as if drawing a picture.

The motif is pants. Just as the brightness and saturation of the motif is determined by how the light is applied, the product power is determined by where to sell it and how to develop it. The composition is the target amount ... and so on. I'm the type who learns from experience points, so I could only think of it this way.

I decided to sell only the Isetan Shinjuku store, which has many customers who know good products. Speaking of 2000 , it was around the time when major EC sites began to spread.

In Japan, underwear is purchased on behalf of others ... In other words, there are many men who leave it to their wives and mothers to say "pants are all right", but Pants are private, so I choose them myself. I think it should be .

The EC site was launched quickly, saying that if I was satisfied with what I chose, I would buy it from the next time on EC .

Trials to entertain customers and learning from sale items

TOOT is more expensive than mass-produced products, but its high cost performance that can be used for a long time is also attractive. And the speed of product development where new designs appear every week is unusual in the apparel industry. This is a style from the time of its founding, and even if the limited number is sold out, it will not be reprinted, which is also the reason why collectors are born.

At the time of launch, as an unknown brand, I always thought that we had to entertain our customers. Thinking about new designs every week is a challenge, but it's still going on even after the designers have changed.

The original design is plain, but this is in line with the needs of the time. After that, he looked at the pants section with only plain and monotonous patterns, and when he put out a design with one point on the hip, it was sold out immediately. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of different designs and materials, and the number of new overseas customers who purchase EC from the beginning after hearing their reputation is increasing.

Because it's apparel, I care about trends, but I don't think about trends when making products.

Rather than that, check out all the fashions that are on sale after the season. Since even sale items were originally sold as a trend, the reason why they were unsold and the reason why the customer pointed out NO is . It is more important to learn from the points of failure than to make things by predicting the best-selling products in marketing.

Mr. Oishi says that while the basics are pants that look good on denim, the "pants chiller show" of waist-wearing denim that was popular a long time ago is out of the question.

I think that sense is not the feeling of customers who choose TOOT. I don't think the pants that look through the waist denim are beautiful, and like women's underwear, good quality is essential for the "sexy" of pants . ..

In the Isetan in-house newsletter " i press ",

also worked on the illustrations for each project.

Aim for the best even if it is a consumable item

Mr. Oishi reiterates that he learned a lot about his attitude toward customers while working on the Isetan in-house newsletter for eight years.

While drawing the illustrations on the planning page, I often saw slogans and slogans related to sales promotion. Of these, the first thing I still remember is that complaints are customer advice . Not damaging the trust of customers by responding to complaints immediately leads to sales as a result. This is a TOOT promotion that I always keep in mind.

When I asked Mr. Oishi, who was bitterly laughing that he had sent one pair of pants for a delivery fee of tens of thousands of yen in response to complaints, by the way, "Did you realize the luxury maison of pants?" He answered that he could have thrown a stone in the Japanese pants industry

Pants may be the most disposable item in apparel, but TOOT's commitment is to follow the European thinking of consumables as well. > Yes.

We are proud that there is no other purely domestic pants made with the craftsmanship unique to Japan. This is the result of making it without compromise, and I'm glad that it was accepted by many people.


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