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In that collection There are also collectors who pour millions of yen There are "pants" to do. 2000 Since it created a whirlwind in the men's underwear industry at the time of its founding in 1945, it boasts the highest sales ever in this Korona-ka. TOOT (Toot) ".

this time, Never appeared in the media before TOOT The creator, Taku Oishi, By Emotion Responded to the interview. "I wasn't hiding, I just didn't have the timing," said Fengyunji, an artist who loves pure art.

The biggest reason why TOOT pants captivate men is Precise sewing that other companies cannot imitate even after 20 years It is in. It is said that once you know the comfort of "fitting" that you feel as soon as you wear it, and its exceptional comfort, you will not be satisfied with anything else.

However TOOT At the time of establishment, Mr. Oishi was neither an apparel craftsman nor a designer, but an illustration creator, a lecturer at a vocational school, and an overseas brand. VMD I was also working.

I started a pants shop called TOOT in my thirties. I've loved fashion since I was a student, and I've worked in apparel, but that's also a source of livelihood, and I really like drawing.

Mr. Taku Oishi. At my home and atelier, which was a renovation of one floor of an old condominium

In life, there is a line between artistic activity and business.

Art is a sanctuary and a free world for me. In business, numbers produce results.

Mr. Oishi, who says so, lives in a beautiful atelier with a view of the historic shrine precincts.

"Drawing" is the cornerstone of life

I have loved drawing since I was a child in Brazil, and after returning to Japan, I "transferred" to a local art school because the high school I entered did not have an art club.

I spent my high school days drawing at a prep school day and night, so maybe I was at the same level as the art school 3 when I took the university entrance exam.

Mr. Oishi said, at that time, the magnification 50 Entered the oil painting department of Tokyo University of the Arts, which was more than doubled, straight.

I was uncomfortable because there were many older classmates who were ronin, so I continued to draw with the desire to get better, just to get rid of it.

However, even after graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, the painter did not choose to live. The reason is "I draw when I want to." It's not a narcissistic type, and I get stuck when I have a business mission to draw. So while I was involved in the apparel and restaurant business, I started drawing when I was driven by an urge, and stopped when I was satisfied.

Mr. Oishi's works are diverse, such as portraits and nudes, but the oil paintings with animal and plant motifs are especially impressive. Even if it is an animal or plant, the world view that draws with the same image of a bust as a human has sexuality hidden in the embarrassing beauty and profound coloration, and it is a fantastic comfort when you are attracted to the work. Feel.

Mr. Oishi's work (left: Dog / dog, right: Carp / carp)

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For example, when we look at a person's face, we seem to be looking at the entire face at once, in fact. Capture the whole by repeating the visual recognition of each eye is. Therefore, the portraits I draw have different eyes on the left and right, and the one who looks closely is the pinpoint. I think that creates the illusion of being "seen" in the portrait, and from there the confrontation with the work is born.

He says he is interested in the front and back of the scary nature hidden in cute animals and the gentle side of ferocious animals. These animal series were serialized on the cover of Isetan's in-house newsletter "i press".

Findings and doubts in department stores

While involved in Isetan's in-house newsletter, overseas brands VMD I also visited department stores around the world for my work.

At that time, in the department store Cosmetics and men's pants are products that do not break the sales record of last year. I knew that. However, even in Isetan, which has many highly sensitive customers since that time, only one overseas brand was the driving force behind the men's pants department.

However, even though it was a famous brand of pants, the quality was not high. Although it is expensive for pants, the fabric and legs will stretch as soon as you start using it.

All the fashionable people at that time wore that brand, but I felt that I wasn't completely convinced, which was the reason I decided to create a pants brand. Rather than seeing a win there Rebellion against manufacturing with brand name is not it.

Mr. Oishi says that he does not actively sell his paintings because he is embarrassed, while he thinks that "what people make hard will impress people" in all clothing, food and shelter.

However, if you want to sell pants that are distributed on a commercial basis, I wanted you to sell as many as you can. I want everyone walking at the scrambled intersection in Shibuya to wear it (laughs)

While there are many artists who reflect their artistry in business, Mr. Oishi Putting the "function" of pants that are really comfortable to wear first I started thinking. That's why it's still popular TOOT The first model " BASIC Is as simple as you can imagine from Mr. Oishi's aggressive art work.

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