Realize a sustainable society
Custom made leather goods


Sustainable leather products made just for you.

You can choose your favorite color from the 20 colors lined up in a row, decide the characters to be engraved as you like, and have them make their own leather accessories.

Such Only one item in the world The moment you pick it up, your love will spring up. What's more, the more you use leather products, the more they taste and the more you become attached to them.

Such a warm dish is actually Realization of a sustainable society It is also connected to.

" LEGAME Was born from the desire of Bangladeshi international students in Oita prefecture to solve social problems in Bangladesh. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mohammed Yunus also supports It is a brand of leather products.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mohammed Yunus and LEGAME Sadat and Maeda

International students who have started to solve social problems in Bangladesh, one of the world's leading pro-Japanese countries

Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. Surrounded by mountains and the sea, this place is famous for its hot springs LEGAME Was born.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University ( APU ) Student Nazamus Sadat had a desire to change the environmental problems and harsh working environment of his native Bangladesh.

To realize that dream APU Entrepreneurship Department (commonly known as Deguchi Juku. Founder of Lifenet Life Insurance Company) APU Haruaki Deguchi, the president of the university, is the leader of the program to raise entrepreneurs from students. I have done it.

From the left, Mr. Kuratomi, Mr. Sadat, and Mr. Maeda of LEGAME

Bangladesh still has major problems such as gender discrimination, poverty inequality, and poor working conditions.

In such Bangladesh, a lot of beef is eaten, but leaving and disposing of inedible cowhide has caused many environmental problems. Stink pollution caused by leaving cowhide on the roadside, water pollution caused by abandoning it along the river, air pollution caused by incineration in an undeveloped environment ...

Cowhide that can actually be used as a leather product Four More than a percentage was disposed of as wasteful. So Sadat looked at this large amount of abandoned cow skin.

Bangladeshi leather sold at high prices by famous luxury brands

actually Bangladeshi leather quality is high , May not be well known. From ancient times, the leather of luxury brand leather goods that everyone knows was also imported from Bangladesh, processed in Italy and other European countries, and sold at a high price under the name of "Italian leather".

However, in recent years, leather tanning and processing techniques have improved, and it is now possible to commercialize leather in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi women play an active role here.

Until now, women's social advancement has been refused due to the deep-rooted awareness of men and women. LEGAME By having such women acquire the skills of leather craftsmen and hiring them A place for women to play an active role in society Is spreading.

if made in Bangladesh It is a big mistake to think that the quality is "cheap or bad". Bangladeshi women are said to have some similarities with Japanese women. Work seriously, dexterous hands and polite work. When you actually pick up the product, you will be amazed at how well it is made and how carefully it is sewn.

Leather that takes time and effort to show the taste as you use it

Also, the "vegetable tannin tanning" used is Friendly to both people and the environment Thing.

Most of the leather products currently on the market use "chrome tanned", which is cheap and easy to mass-produce leather tanned with chemicals. This is excellent in water resistance and does not require much care, but the individuality of the leather is hard to come out and you cannot enjoy the change due to aging. In addition, health hazards such as skin diseases and respiratory diseases of workers caused by chemicals have become a problem.

On the other hand, "vegetable tannin tanning" is tanned over 20 processes over a period of 2 months to 1 year. It is laborious, time consuming and expensive However, the leather is soft The more you use it, the more delicious it is Will show you. Also, because it uses vegetable materials, you don't have to worry about getting burned by strong chemicals when tanning the skin.

Most things are best bought as new, and then deteriorate as you use them. However, the more you use the vegetable tanned leather products, the more the color and luster will increase, and the more you use it, the more your own taste will be created, and the more you use it, the closer it will be to the finished product. The fun of aging with the owner There is.