Condensed the taste of the material into one grain
3 types with different sizes and textures

LiBCACAO セット(テリーヌ+3種のショコラビーンズ)
LiBCACAO Chocolat Beans Set
LiBCACAO Chocolat Beans Set
LiBCACAO セット(テリーヌ+3種のショコラビーンズ)

LiBCACAO Chocolat Beans Set

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  • There are constant requests from famous brands. "Chocolatier made by Chocolatier.
  • You can purchase chocolates that can only be obtained at limited events online (By Emotion only).
  • Orange, cranberry, and pistachio, which are different in size and texture, are wrapped in chocolate with a good balance of ingredients.


Chocolate beans in colorful cans are a casual and enjoyable dish that you can't stop eating. The newborn chocolate brand "LiBCACAO".

This chocolate can only be obtained by By Emotion . There is no real store yet. However, its ability is endorsed.

Chocolatier is Mr. Soichi Noguchi, who is constantly receiving requests from famous brands such as high-class foreign-affiliated hotels, starred restaurants, and famous overseas fashion brands.

LiB is "Life is Beautiful".

LiBCACAO teaches you the splendor and beauty of life through chocolate.

Chocolate beans are chocolate-coated contents. LiBCACAO prepares multiple types of chocolate and contents, repeats trial production, and carefully selects well-balanced combinations. Furthermore, we are particular about natural fragrances.

Chocolat beans are currently 3 types. Each has a different size and texture. Please enjoy the casual happiness that blends into your daily life.

  • Orange
    The scent of orange peel and dark chocolate are a little adult-flavored small orangette

  • Cranberry
    I made each one bigger so that you can feel the acidity of the fruit. It is also popular with men.

  • Pistachio
    Pistachio nuts coated with pistachio chocolate. When chewed, the aroma and rich taste spread throughout the mouth.



Distributor 360 Degree Co., Ltd.
Product name Chocolate beans (orange, cranberry) , 3 types of pistachio)
Ingredient name Orange: Chocolate (made in France), orange peel sugar pickled (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup), powder Sugar / fragrance
Cranberry: Chocolate (manufactured in Belgium), sweetened dry cranberry (cranberry, sugar) / emulsifier, fragrance
Pistachio: Chocolate (manufactured in Japan), pistachio, processed nuts (pistachio, vegetable oil, sugar) / Emulsifier, colorant (4 yellow, 1 blue)
Contents 1 can 45g
Storage method Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Expiration date 30 days from the date of manufacture
Shipping schedule Excluding weekends and holidays 10 It will be shipped within business days.
Shipping fee (tax included) Shipping fee for this product is free.


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