The contrast between left and right is beautiful
A delicate glow that sways around your ears

左側:ストレート 右側:カーブ
左側:ストレート 右側:カーブ

PEARL FAR EAST pine needles

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Mr. Deguchi, a jewelry designer living in Ise-Shima.

There are many pine trees along the sea in Ise-Shima, and it is said that he was familiar with him because he used to play with pine needles when he was a child.

This work was born from such a pleasant memory of pine needles.

The thick 18K gold is glossy and matte to give a beautiful contrast and depth when swaying around your ears.

There are two types of 18K gold with pearls, straight and curved. The curve sways more dynamically, and the straight sways less and gives a more delicate impression.

Also, by inserting a chain in between, wearing stress is relieved and it is difficult to come off.

Behind the Scenes

Treasure the individuality as it is. Pearls that upgrade your style

The bracelet is made by Takashi Deguchi of PEARL FAR EAST (PFE). Born and raised in Ise-Shima, the birthplace of pearl farming, Mr. Deguchi became a Japanese corporation that cultivates pearls in Tahiti through his acquaintance after graduating from university ...

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Distributor Pearl Far East Co., Ltd.
Product name Matsuno Leaf (pierce)
・ Both curves
・ One: Curve, One: Straight
Material K18 + Indonesian white butterfly Nuclear-free Keshipearl
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