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Savoia S-21 1/24 model
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Savoia S-21 1/24 model

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You can't say "I like Porco Rosso" without getting this !?
Studio Ghibli official recognition, surprising reproducibility

A blockbuster animated feature film, "Porco Rosso" directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The favorite machine that the main character Porco Rosso rides was "Savoia S-21".

This fictitious airplane created in 2D is a supreme collector's item built in 3D by purchasing books with animation scenes and creating original drawings . > .

The movie was released in 1992. Masayuki Yano, the representative of the Wing Club, a precision model store for airplanes in Aoyama, Tokyo, witnessed the Savoia S-21 flying in the sky like a real airplane at a movie theater, and no one asked for it. I started to make a prototype of the model.

According to Mr. Yano's memory of bringing the prototype model of the Savoia S-21 that was completed to Studio Ghibli, Director Miyazaki

in front of the model.

This wing length will not fly, so please make it 1 cm longer. Other than that, it's OK. Please show me the S-21 with long wings.

It was said to be

. And this makes Mr. Yano the first person to be allowed to commercialize a model of the Savoia S-21.

The most important thing in modeling was the beautiful curve of the aircraft. The line above the slightly undulating fuselage is , which is difficult to reproduce with other Savoia on the market.

Due to its precision and high reproducibility, wing clubs are attracting aerial model enthusiasts from all over the world, and our popular Savoia S-21 1/18 model (total length: 42 cm, wing width: 58 cm). There are about 20 people who purchase the product page here ) after waiting for one year.

Made = Only 12 people can get

This page introduces 1/24 model ( total length: 35cm) which is a downsized version of the 1/18 model that was sold in advance. Wing width: 42cm) , limited 12 machines production and sales.

The attention to detail has not changed from the 1/18 model, and the size has been reduced by one size. t15> is required. Therefore, it took more than a year to develop a model that was convincing from the planning.

One of the parts that we were particular about was the engine.

© Studio Ghibli

The Izotta Frasquini engine is faithfully reproduced, and the engine cowling opens up and down, so you can even see the piping.

Furthermore, as was the case with airplanes in the early 1900s, propellers are made of wood and oak wood is laminated and carved out to prevent the wood from bending over time.

© Studio Ghibli

And there are no omissions in the accessories. The desk and dolly (airplane carrier) are also made of wood that reproduces the movie ( Porco Rosso in the image are sold separately).

Porco Rosso and many others sympathize with the way the characters live. Why don't you look at the model made with unparalleled reproducibility and immerse yourself in the world.

The finished product will be delivered up to one year after the order is placed (depending on the production situation, it may be delivered early). It will take some time because it is completely handmade, but please look forward to the day when you will be picked up.

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Behind the Scenes

I can do it because I noticed "I like it". Original ultra-precision handmade model starting from drawing transcription

"Even if you wait, there is something you want there." The day after I heard from an acquaintance, I turned to Aoyama. Along Kotto Street in Aoyama, Tokyo, the destination is the Wing Club. You can see it from the middle of the stairs leading up to the store on the 2nd floor ...

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Distributor Wing Club Co., Ltd.
Product name Savoia S-21 Theater Version 1/24 Museum model Specifications
  • Main unit
  • Table with radio and telephone
  • Dolly (air transport equipment)
  • Black 13mm thick acrylic stand and aluminum plate
  • (sold separately) 1/24 size Porco Rosso
Size 1/24 Scale Length 350mm x Width 420mm x Height 170mm (including pedestal)
Material Main body FRP, some wood, metal, pedestal acrylic
Delivery date The estimated delivery date will be notified separately after receiving an order (within a few months). I expect to be able to hand it over).
We will discuss the delivery method of the product separately. (The cost of delivery will be estimated in advance and the actual cost will be charged separately.)

3 months after delivery Any damage within the range (natural deformation, cracks, peeling of paint or decals, etc.) will be repaired free of charge if you show the warranty card given at the time of delivery. However, the warranty card is valid only in Japan and will not be reissued, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, even within the warranty period, a fee will be charged in the following cases.

  • If you do not show the warranty card that you will receive at the time of delivery
  • If you do not enter the date of purchase and customer name on the warranty card
  • Damage caused by movement, transportation, dropping, etc. of the installation location after purchase
  • Damage caused by fire, earthquake, storm and flood damage, lightning strike, other natural disasters, pollution, etc.


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  • This product is not a toy for children. Please do not use it for any purpose other than ornamental purposes.
  • Be careful when handling the tip of the wing, propeller, machine gun, etc.
  • Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high heat.