Uses only natural ingredients
Soy sauce produced by hand in all processes


Kadocho Muddy Soy Takumi

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  • Soy sauce handmade in the birthplace of soy sauce in Japan
  • Only natural ingredients such as soybeans, wheat, salt, water and jiuqu
  • do not squeeze or heat Muddy soy sauce made from the work of nature


Do you know where soy sauce was first made in Japan? It may seem surprising, but it's not Choshi, Noda, Shodoshima, etc., which are known as production areas, but Yuasa Town in Wakayama Prefecture. Kadochō was founded there in 1841 (Tenpo 12 ) and continues to make soy sauce by hand.

Making soy sauce with a long square

The only raw materials for Kadocho soy sauce are soybeans, wheat, salt, water and jiuqu. In fact, about 8 of the soy sauce distributed in Japan is degreased soybeans, and in order to efficiently produce soy sauce, oil is removed using an organic solvent derived from petroleum called "hexane". Soy sauce is used. In addition, some alcohol and seasonings are added. (It is recommended to check the ingredient display of your soy sauce once.)

Kadochō does not use them, but steams the raw materials over time, propagates the aspergillus, stores them in the Yoshino cedar tub, and ferments them.

"Putting" at the time of preparation

What is "muddy soy sauce"?

"Moromi" that has been sufficiently fermented in a tub is taken out of the tub, squeezed, heat sterilized, and then commercialized as soy sauce. On the other hand, "Muddy Soy Sauce" is a soy sauce that is left to the natural function of being able to take out only the soup made by decomposing the raw materials without squeezing or heating. It was so named because it has a more turbid color than normal soy sauce due to the influence of yeast.

Among them, the one that has been carefully aged for 3 years, that is, the most labor-intensive soy sauce that Kadochō usually sells is "Moromi Soy Sauce Takumi".

Soy sauce is an essential seasoning for Japanese dining tables. "Muddy Jiàng Takumi" will be an indispensable companion that brings out the deliciousness of ingredients such as sashimi and cold tofu.

Please also see "Kadocho Soy Sauce Pari", a soy sauce that is limited to 200 bottles and is not distributed to the general public.

Kadocho Soy Sauce Pari

Three and a half years brewing ・ One that changes the "view of soy sauce"

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Product name Muddy soy sauce Takumi
Manufacturer Kadocho Co., Ltd.
Capacity 300ml 2-piece set
Ingredient name Whole soybean (Okayama prefecture), Wheat (Gifu prefecture), Salt (Australian sun-dried salt) * No chemical seasonings, colorings, preservatives, or alcohol added
Preservation method After opening, if you store it in a refrigerator, you can enjoy it before the expiration date.
Expiration date One year from the date of manufacture
Delivery time After ordering, it will be shipped within 5 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee Nationwide (excluding Hokkaido / Okinawa): 1,000 yen (tax included)
Hokkaido / Okinawa: 1,500 yen (tax included)


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