Cold press immediately after hand picking
Seasoning that becomes the leading role


Olio di Porrona Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • EU standard organic Tuscan oil
  • Hand picked before ripening and cold pressed
  • To match meat dishes, pasta, salads, etc.


・ On Saturday, May 15, 2021, this olive oil was introduced as a favorite item of the performers at the TBS series "Saturday Plus".

Olive oil "Olio di Porrona" squeezed by cold pressing using only hand-picked fruits on a vast farm in Southern Tuscany.

30km southeast of Siena, a city in Tuscany located in central Italy. The farm " La Porrona " is located in the highlands 500m above sea level between Montalcino and Montepulciano, which is known as a wine-producing region.

"La Porrona"

In addition to olives, grapes can be grown on the farm

Italy's leading fashion designer brand, Giorgio Armani S.p.A. The farm was opened in 2003 . Since then, we have produced wine and olive oil in organic farming (EU standard organic) and sold them only to limited customers .

2000 olive trees on the farm harvested before ripening to preserve taste and aroma, are cold pressed and added. It will be commercialized without any products. Olive varieties are Leccino, Frantio, Moraiolo and Pendolino. The oil produced from olives that have been fully exposed to the sunlight of Tuscany is especially suitable for meat dishes, and if you like a strong and slightly spicy taste, it is recommended to eat it with baguette.

The work of picking olives is done by hand

Harvested fruits immediately go to the processing process

Extra virgin oil produced by cold pressing



  • Q: I can't remove the white transparent lid.
    A: Olives can be used as they are by opening the dark green lid. There is no need to remove the white transparent part.


Distributor via Bartolini 11 Toshio Sakai
Product name Edible olive oil "Olio di" Porrona "
Ingredient name Edible olive oil
Capacity 456g (500ml)
Country of origin Italy (Tuscan)
Producing area Montisi in the township of Montalcino
Varieties Leccino Frantio Moraiolo Pendrino
Harvest time Early November 2021
Harvesting method Hand-picked
Oil squeezing method Cold press at EU organic certified factory
Filtered Filtered
Expiration date June 30, 2023
Recommended dishes With meat dishes
How to save Save in a cool and dark place
Shipping schedule We will ship within 3 business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform 1,000 yen Will be charged individually.


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