Professionals who are constantly requesting gather
Exquisite balance of rich and refreshing

LiBCACAO セット(テリーヌ+3種のショコラビーンズ)
LiBCACAO White Chocolat Terrine
LiBCACAO White Chocolat Terrine
LiBCACAO White Chocolat Terrine
LiBCACAO セット(テリーヌ+3種のショコラビーンズ)

LiBCACAO White Chocolat Terrine

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  • Chocolatier made by Chocolatier, "there are constant requests from famous brands."
  • You can purchase chocolates that can only be obtained at limited events online (By Emotion only).
  • From the moment you put it in your mouth, it's so refreshing that you want to eat more, and it tastes like cheesecake.


Overturn the concept of terrine. Refreshing richness

Speaking of terrine, the image is rich and sweet, and the sweetness is sticky.

However, this white chocolate terrine is so refreshing that you want to eat more from the moment you put it in your mouth, it's like a cheesecake. Still, the sweetness of white chocolate is gently felt in the aftertaste, and the balance between richness and lightness is exquisite .

The secret of the light flavor is yogurt. Mr. Ishibashi, who produced it, says that he pursued "refreshing richness" that does not make you feel the sweetness of white chocolate and terrine through many trials and errors.

Terrine made of white chocolate is rare and rarely seen in other brands.

Mr. Ishibashi says, "I want you to find your favorite taste by arranging it in your own way with cocoa and fruit jam." In the future, in addition to plain flavors, seasonal flavors using lees and lemongrass will be released.

Mr. Noda, who has been a pastry chef for 15 years, ate at "Sadaharu Aoki" in Paris, France and "Hotel de Mikuni", a high-class French restaurant in Yotsuya.

"Overall, the sweetness is modest and the impression is gentle and soft. The simple taste makes it delicious if you add jam or sauce. Fruits seem to go well with anything, but berry type. The sourness adds a sharpness to the taste.

It seems good to slice the strawberries into thin slices. The impression of melting and taste is completely different when you take it out of the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for a while. The taste claim is modest, so you can eat as many as you like. "

Only By Emotion can get "LiBCACAO"

I think that few people know the chocolate brand " LiBCACAO " yet.

Because this brand of newborn chocolate is currently only available by By Emotion . There is no actual store yet, but its ability is endorsed.

A new brand created by a group of professionals

Chocolatier is a high-class foreign-affiliated hotel, a restaurant with a star, a famous overseas fashion brand, etc. "Requests from famous brands" are constantly Soichi Noguchi.

The modern packaging design with the image of a blue bird is the world of Cannes, where we have been the art direction for the packaging of major advertisements and famous products that we may have seen once in the city 3 Haruna Shibata, a designer who won the gold medal at the big advertising award.

And this chocolate is produced by Masahiro Ishibashi, who has been doing chocolate branding for companies from product consultants.

LiBCACAO's thoughts "To be like a happy blue bird"

A "happy blue bird" that is always flying near me, but is assimilated into the blue sky and difficult to see, and it is difficult to notice its existence.

However, if you can notice the casual happiness that blends into your daily life, you will feel more happy every day. The package of LiBCACAO is designed with a blue bird flying in the bright blue sky with the desire to "be like a happy blue bird".

LiB = Life is Beautiful .

It is this LiBCACAO that gently teaches you the splendor and beauty of life.



Distributor 360 Degree Co., Ltd.
Product name Terrine de Chocolat Blanc
Ingredients Chocolate (domestic production), chicken eggs, butter, fermented milk, cornstarch / emulsifier
Storage method Refrigerate required (10 ℃ or less)
Expiration date 10 days from the date of manufacture
Shipping schedule Shipping will be done within 10 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Shipping fee for this product is free.


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