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Achievement of domestic headphones

DENON headphones
DENON headphones
DENON headphones
DENON headphones
DENON headphones

DENON headphones

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Nowadays, people are enjoying video and music streaming services at home because of the "new lifestyle" for both work and leisure. Immersion is the most important factor in enjoying images and sounds. Powerful images are good, but why not stick to the sound?

For example, to be assembled and coordinated by a single dedicated operator rather than mass production on an streamlined line. Headphones that can only come in a dozen units a day Try listening to your favorite songs.

A pioneer of domestic audio, DENON Counts from its predecessor, Nippon Columbia 2020 Founded in the year 110 110 Celebrated the anniversary. Introducing such a dish that demonstrates the strength of a traditional manufacturer and the love for music.

"The important factors that influence the sound of headphones are the driver and housing," he said. Ten Katsuyoshi Takeno of the year says. The "driver" is the speaker part that produces sound, and the "housing" is the part that covers the ears.



DENON "I was particular about the headphone housing. Real Wood Series There is a line called. Where the "American Walnut" and "Natural Zebra Wood" models had already been developed on that line, there are plans to create a higher-end model. 2016 I got up in the year.

DENON The heart of domestic production is the Shirakawa factory in Fukushima prefecture. Here, turntable cartridges (record needles) by craftsmen who can only be found in this factory even if they look around the world, not to mention Japan, and amplifiers that require advanced technology are manufactured.

Until then it was from China DENON Headphones. There was a voice in the company saying, "If it is a flagship model, I still want to make it in Shirakawa," and production equipment and operators will be deployed at the Shirakawa factory for these headphones.

At the Shirakawa factory, they can be carefully assembled one by one.

And started DENON Flagship Headphones Plan. Mr. Takeno says that he took a lot of time to select the material for the housing by trial and error in the mixing ratio of nanofibers to finish the driver suitable for the flagship model.

As a result of searching all over Japan, it was Moso bamboo from Kochi prefecture that the arrow of white feathers was erected as a housing material. Bamboo is lightweight and strong, absorbs unnecessary vibrations and conveys pure sound to your ears. It is said that. This Moso bamboo is processed by "Miroku Techno Wood", which is also based in Kochi. The processing technology cultivated in the stock making of hunting guns, which was originally the main business, is also used in the handle of the automobile "Lexus".

After cutting, polishing and painting, insert the brand logo into the Moso bamboo housing.

"Sound" is the most important factor in headphones, but "comfort" and "durability" are also important points. As for "comfort", highly durable artificial leather is sewn three-dimensionally, and shape memory foam is used to reduce stress even when used for a long time. Regarding "durability", the hanger and housing frame are made of die-cast aluminum to reduce weight and achieve high rigidity.

Aluminum die-cast hanger

thus 2018 Completed in the year Made in Japan Headphones. Mr. Takeno said that he auditioned the prototype with his favorite song, "Kawa no Nagare no Youni" by Hibari Misora.

Listen to your favorite music with your favorite sounds. Other hobbies, such as sports, are unsuitable, but music is probably everyone. Takeno says, "Music spending is an investment, not a consumption." Certainly, if you continue to be in contact with better sounds, you will feel at ease and your creativity will increase.

I often listen to music with wireless earphones, but the sound from Mosotake's headphones was more lively than usual. The song you are listening to comes to your ears as if it were being played in front of you. "It's hard to remove the headphones if you listen to it." I heard that, but it makes no sense.

Mr. Takeno is full of love for music and headphones. He told me that he was "completed", not thinking of a model that exceeds the headphones of Moso bamboo.

* About the connection between audio equipment and headphones

You can connect to your TV, iphone, smartphone, ipad, tablet, laptop, and other PCs.

○ TV

In many cases, you can use the included 3.5mm stereo mini plug cable (1.3m) (please check the outlet of your TV). If the cable is short, prepare a commercially available extension cord. If you cannot use the attached cable, please prepare a commercially available connection device for your TV.

○ Smartphones and tablets

You can use it by preparing a device that connects to the 3.5 mm headphone jack (plug slot) according to the device you are using.

* For example, "Lightning-3.5mm headphone jack adapter" is commercially available for iphone.

○ PC

You can use it by preparing a device that connects the USB to the 3.5 mm headphone jack (plug slot) according to the device you are using.

* For example, for MacBook, "USB-C-3.5mm headphone jack adapter" is commercially available.



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Product name Prestige Over Ear Headphone AHD9200EM
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Format Sealed dynamic type
Driver 50 mm Free edge nanofiber driver
Magnet Neodium Magnet
Impedance 24 Ω
Sensitivity 105 dB
Maximum input 1,800 mW
Playback frequency 5-56,000 Hz
Mass 375 g (excluding cable)
Cable (detachable) 3.0 m silver coated OFC wire, 1.3 m OFC wire
Playback frequency 5 --56,000 Hz

Amplifier side:

・ 6.3 mm standard stereo plug (3.0 m cable)

・ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (1.3 m cable)

Headphone side:

・ 3.5 mm monaural mini plug x 2

Accessories Instruction manual-6.3 mm standard plug adapter-Cleaning cloth


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