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A beautiful space created from conversation

Photo:鳥村 鋼一
Photo:鳥村 鋼一
Photo:鳥村  鋼一
Photo:鳥村  鋼一

Architect Takeshi Hirobe

¥10,000,000 (Tax included, shipping fee not included)

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Thoroughly think with fresh feelings

It seems that the land in the video was originally a land where vegetation was lush and no buildings were standing.

As for the design method of the office, I try not to think that it is basically the same pattern as the one that was built before. We look at the site, ask what the client wants, do not rush to answer, and do our best to find the possibility of the idea. I always try to think with a fresh feeling.

Hirobe says.

However, it is very laborious to do.

Nowadays, there are many demands for thorough efficiency in business, so it would be better to pattern and build many buildings efficiently. I heard it irresistibly.

Certainly some people are good at doing it systematically, but I don't seem to be that type. Once patterned, experience can interfere with and overlook the possibilities that may be discovered.

Instead, I want to create an architecture that I see for the first time, and I want to see a beautiful space, which is also my motivation to continue designing.

In fact, as Mr. Hirobe visited the villa in the video many times, I felt that I shouldn't cut the Himeshara tree in the middle of the site, so I decided to consult with the client and leave it. It is said that it has become.

And Mr. Hirobe laughs that the plan became extremely complicated in order to leave this tree of Himeshara.

Scenery before construction. The light brown tree in the center of the photo is the Himeshara tree (Photo: Takeshi Hirobe Institute of Architecture)

The fence between the villa and the main house is ambiguous

Mr. Hirobe feels that the way of thinking about villas has diversified in the last few years.

In the past, it was often thought of as a place where the main house was always, and a villa was a place to go occasionally.


・ I want to make the villa the final residence after retirement

・ It doesn't matter if it's small, so feel free to come and go

So, it is said that we have come to hear various requests regarding size and frequency of use.

Stay close to people's lives and behaviors

Mr. Hirobe thinks that it is important to grasp the client's personality, lifestyle, interests, and characters and incorporate them into the design, so please write a questionnaire that includes things that seemingly have nothing to do with architecture. On top of that, he seems to have a lot of chats.

It takes a little more time before the first presentation because we communicate with the client, check the site carefully, and then incorporate it into the design, but it is said that the proposal is often built as it is. ..

How about finding a space that suits you and the family you live with through a conversation with Mr. Hirobe?

Photo: Japan Architects

Guidance process

① By Emotion will arrange a meeting schedule with Mr. Hirobe.

(2) Meeting with Mr. Hirobe (Online is also possible if you wish, such as in a remote location.)

③ Site survey

④ To this contract

[Profile of Takeshi Hirobe]

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1968

1991 Graduated from Nihon University College of Science and Technology, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering

1991-1998 Ashihara Architectural Design Institute

1998 8 months around the world's architecture

1999 Takeshi Hirobe Architectural Design Office established

2009 Reorganized as Takeshi Hirobe Building Research Institute Co., Ltd.

[Teaching career]

2005-2017 Part-time Lecturer, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University

2006-2020 Concurrent Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University

2019-Part-time lecturer, Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University


2020 Wood Design Award "PHASE DANCE"

2015 Modern Living Grand Prize Semi-Grand Prize "Villa Escargot"

2013 Modern Living Awards Special Award "Villa SSK"

2011 4th Woody Architectural Space Design Contest Grand Prize "Seaside Shell House"

2010 Modern Living Awards Special Award "Kaminoge T"

2009 Japan Institute of Architects Excellent Architecture Selection 2009 Selected "Oi no Ie"

2009 Modern Living Awards Special Award "Hamadayama no Ie"

2007 Japan Institute of Architects Excellent Architecture Selection 2007 Selected "Black Box-Shibuya H"

2007 Architect's Light Competition 2007 Selected

2006 Japan Institute of Architects Excellent Architecture Selection 2006 Selected "House in Minami Aoyama"

2006 2nd Woody Architectural Space Design Contest Housing Category Winner "Tea Field House"

2005 Japan Institute of Architects Excellent Architecture Selection 2005 Selected "Barcarolle"

2005 Housing Architecture Award / Encouragement Award "Tea Farm House"

2002 JCD Design Award 2002 Selected "sentimento MARK"

2000 7th Space Design Competition Work example category Honorable Mention "Suwa no Ie"


Beautiful houses in the world A trip to sideway architecture How to design a Japanese house 2 (co-authored)


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