Yuto Issho

Born from gratitude for the moon and nature
Gold and silver leaf art that fascinates the world

By Emotion


Oh, I'm small. I wish I could be a warm person like the moon who illuminates me.

40 Mr. Hiroto Rakusho, who started his career as a gold leaf and silver leaf artist at the age of 40.

It started from a place where there was nothing to rely on outside Nishijin, which was a family business (foil craft). Mr. Sho Isao, who was raising three children by himself at that time. He had no choice but to run forward, but his anxiety couldn't be wiped out and he was always looking down.

I felt at the beginning when I saw the moon floating in the night sky when Mr. Sho was looking up.


, I will be inspired by the moon, stars, and the universe, and will begin to create works that express my gratitude for various things.

Colors that change the image of gold leaf and silver leaf

When you think of gold leaf and silver leaf, you might think of something like gold or silver and thin paper. However, the work produced by Hiroto Issho easily betrays this imagination.

In the work, the foil is used as a shade with various colors, fine undulations, and apology and rust.

Blue Savior in the City of Fiery Fire

The gorgeousness of the big tree

What is Yuto Issho?

The playground of Yuto Issho, who was born in a foil craft house in Nishijin, Kyoto, was a craftsman's workplace.

While watching how to apply gold leaf and silver leaf, his father repeatedly said, "You have taken over the work of foil," and he grew up.

His father, who loved painting, took Yuto Issho to the river to study painting, so he sometimes exhibited at the competition. did.

Mr. Sho Isao, who entered the art club in high school and attended a sketching school for painting. He likes painting more than liberal arts science subjects, and studied oil painting in a Western painting course at university.

He prefers abstract boldness to concreteness as a touch, and is said to have been particularly attracted to Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko.

He had a part-time job when he was a student, and after graduating from university, he was engaged in obi sales at a kimono wholesaler. At that time, I asked the president of his business partner to teach me about the texture of pottery and paintings, and broadened his horizons.

After that, Mr. Sho Issho, who succeeded his father's footsteps and became the representative of Nishiyama Osamu Shoten of foil crafts, put gold leaf and silver leaf on Japanese paper and cut each piece of paper thread (pulled foil) with a kitchen knife. It was proposed as a pattern for obi and kimono together with silk.

Pull foil

While doing that work, I learned from a Nishijin maker about the texture created by foil and the expression of shades of color, which are not found in Japanese painting.

Mr. Issho's technique is to create a "flow of time" such as undulations, depth, and rust on a thin flat foil, and he went around the makers by putting dozens of foil patterns in the sample book. that's right.

Foil pattern sample book

And at the age of 40, I was wondering if I could create something interesting by using foil processing technology, so I decided to leave Nishijin and take on the challenge as an artist


Fluctuation width of works that do not belong to crafts or contemporary art

Every time I visit Mr. Sho's solo exhibition, I am surprised by the breadth of his work.

  • Abstract work created by foil processing technology


Gold leaf is usually made by mixing 97% gold with silver and copper. If the gold content is high, the redness will increase, and if the gold content is low, the bluish color will increase, so ask the foil shop to make the foil of the intended color.

And by oxidizing it with sulfur and the heat of the iron, it changes from silver to light gold, dark gold, red, blue, green, purple, black and ink.

You can also adjust the reflection by rubbing with a brush, which is an expression of aging. In addition, you can make it look rusty by using a special glue.

Work tools such as irons and brushes

  • Lip case in collaboration with Givenchy

A limited edition of 600 pieces from around the world, born from a collaborative effort with Givenchy's make-up and color artistic director Nicola de Jenne, who happened to be brought to Kyoto by a friend in New York.

It seems that the challenge was how to put the foil on the material called leather. Since the lip case is frequently touched by hands, it is coated with resin to withstand friction and has passed the wear test.

"Anything other than air can be pasted", and I am creating works that combine various materials such as iron and wood, not limited to leather, and foil.


  • The one and only photo that cannot be copied with foil on it

The head of LVMH's fragrance department, who heard about the collaboration with Givenchy, visited Mr. Issho to learn about the appeal of foil.

The photo of Joanna Lorenzio, a photographer from Paris who came with me at that time, looked like Kannon to Sho Issho, and I wanted to put foil on the photo to make it golden.

By putting gold leaf on a photo that can be printed many times, it is attracting attention as a new expression method to make it a unique piece.

Idols of the near future

The evolving world of RAKUSHO

As one of the supporters of Yuto Issho's activities, RAKUSHO It is his son Shintaro who is bringing a new world view to the brand.

Mr. Shintaro, who was impressed by his father's activities, seems to bring in colors that Mr. Issho does not have while learning by seeing the technique, and it is said that he is often purchased in solo exhibitions.

Shintaro's goal is to incorporate foil into fashion and make it more familiar.I can't wait to see the fashion items that will be created by the chemical reaction between Mr. Yuto Issho's foil processing technique and artistry and Mr. Shintaro's young sensibility.

Left: Shintaro Right: Hiroto Issho


Exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2019 from Earl Glory

Exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2017 from Earl Glory

April 2016 Myoshinji Temple, Tenkyu-in Temple, Hojo Barrier Painting Dedication

2016 Year 2 Month GIVENCHY Collaboration Le Rouge Kyoto Edition

2015 Year 4 Month Solo exhibition " The Golden Renaissance " (sponsored by Kuwait Agency for Cultural Affairs)

2012 Year 11 Month: Held the exhibition "Memories of the Moon" at the Jisso-in Temple, Kyoto, Kyoto

2012 Year 10 Month Exhibited at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store / Guest House (Nagoya / Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel)

2011 Year 11 Month Exhibition " GOLD LEAF KYOTO COLLECTION "

at Bergdorf Goodman, New York

2011 Year 10 Month Exhibited at Daimaru Matsuzakaya / Guest House at Hyatt Regency Osaka

2011 Year 10 Month Wisdom Industry Fusion Center Eye Shine Lecture

2011 Year 10 Month 2nd Culture and Computing "Art Fair" Exhibit

2011 Year 1 Month Kyoto ・ Certified as a future master

2010 Year 2 Month Kyoto / Beauty Succession-Cultural Property Digital Archive Exhibition-

2010 Year 7 Moon Hakata Ori and Yuto Issho-Weaving the Moon-at: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

2010 Year 2 Month Collaboration Works by Hiroro Rakusho & Ralph Rucci

2010 Year 2 Month Chado Ralph Rucci New York Collection Autumn / Winter 2010

2010 Year 1 Month Paris Louvre Museum Japan-France Exchange 150 Anniversary / Kyoto Paris Friendship City 50 Anniversary Special Event

2010 Year 1 Month Shanghai World Expo Cultural Property Folding Screen Works ( 2010 )

2009 Year 9 Month Chado Ralph Rucci New York Collection Spring 2010

2009 Year 7 Month Green Shade Lecture "Foil Flower Ryoran"

2009 Year 6 Month "Class to get close to cultural properties" at Hachigaoka Junior High School

2008 Year 7 Month Hokkaido G8 Toyako Summit (2008 Year )

2008 Year 1 Month: Exhibited at Milano Salone, Italy

2007 Year 4 Month Kyoto 1200 Year Beauty Succession Exhibition Sogo Yokohama Store

2006 Year 6 Month Art Expo New York

2005 Year 6 Month: Presenting "Mayor of Paris" to the Mayor of Paris-Kyoto-Paris Friendship City Agreement 50 Promoting cultural exchange for the anniversary

2005 Year 5 Month Zuishinin Gate Ruins Parkca Schule Butoh University in Dresden, Germany

2004 Year 11 Mayor of Paris presented foil textile "Moonlight"

2004 Year 10 Month Greek and Roman Museum Space Textiles Cosmic Web

2004 Inaugurated as a director of the Kyoto International Cultural Exchange Foundation

2004 Year 3 Month: Opened gallery "Pebble Sho" in the local Nishijin

2002 Established "Yuhito Issho"

2001 Year 1 Month Co-produced with Tsurutaro Kataoka