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Learning English with a continuation rate of 70% or more

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  • Thorough use of the know-how of the cram school for Japanese
  • Homeroom system, fixed date and time, continuation rate of 70% or more in 50 minutes of class time
  • There is a "business class" where you can learn negotiations and presentation measures


If you feel more confident in English in business situations.

I spend more time at home, and when I notice it, I have a sense of crisis every day when my time is being eroded by smartphones and video distribution services, and I have been thinking about learning English again.

I wish I could communicate more smoothly without relying on others in meetings, negotiations, or work situations that require chatting in English. The wall of English that requires continuous learning while feeling such regret and toothache.

"I was doing online English conversation, but I couldn't continue"

While I had various learning options, I wanted to learn efficiently at home, and while I was looking for online English conversation, I heard this from my friends and seniors at work.

When asked why it didn't last,
・ It's difficult for a good teacher to make a reservation.
・ She is lazy if she cannot manage the schedule by herself.
・ The lesson time is as short as 25 minutes and the content is thin. And various.

From my own experience that did not last, to "continue" online

Therefore, it was different here because I was not confident that I could continue in online English conversation with a major service content that was honestly similar or close.

It is the content that you can take the contents provided by the English school "First English Global College" in Cebu, Philippines as it is online.

First English is "English school for Japanese by Japanese" , making use of the know-how of running a learning school in Japan, thorough It features an efficient and effective curriculum for Japanese people.

At a certain university in Tokyo, , which is accredited for studying abroad in First English, is a reliable English school.

And Mr. Honda, the representative, talks about his commitment to lessons from his own experience of online English conversation.

I have taken some major online English conversations, but I didn't. The reason was that it was difficult to manage by making a reservation each time because the teacher was different every time and there was no free time in the first place.

From such experience, First English provides a "mechanism that can be continued".

Mr. Honda says that he has been having online English conversation at our school every day for 4 years. It is said that the routine of starting at 8 am with the same teacher is now completely established.

It's the same in English and sports, but the growth curve will follow later, so the most important thing is to be able to continue.

Continuation rate 70% or more! Three points to stick to "continue"

From my own experience, I am particular about the mechanism to continue thoroughly First English . I am convinced by the 3 points that can be continued, which has never been seen in online English conversation.

  1. Teachers have a homeroom system

    Same as school , online homeroom system . It is said that you will naturally deepen your ties with the teacher who will take you seriously, such as setting goals, grasping growth, and selecting teaching materials that suit your students.

    And among the 60 teachers, only 5 veteran teachers can take charge of online lessons Because it becomes, the problem that "it is difficult to make a reservation for a good teacher" is solved.

    * If there is a request to change the instructor for some reason, we can respond.

  2. Fixed day and time

    The day of the week and time are decided first. Therefore, you can save the trouble of making the next reservation, and the teacher will be waiting for you on a fixed day and time, so you can continue studying at your own home . The environment is ready.

    Also, since the schedule is decided in advance, it is easy to manage the schedule and you do not have to worry about being lazy. In First English, it is said that many people set it in the morning before going to work.

    * If you cannot take the lesson on a fixed date and time due to circumstances, you can transfer the lesson.

  3. Lesson time is 50 minutes

    Lesson time is 50 minutes per frame. Compared to 25 minutes per frame, which is the mainstream of online English conversation, there is no harmful effect that most of the lesson ends with the first greeting or the previous review. In the 50-minute class, you can study the previous review, check your homework / assignments, and study new things in one frame.

    Due to this continuous mechanism, the continuation rate of the online course for one year is about 70% . This is an amazing number in the online English conversation industry, which is said to be difficult to continue for a few months.

To yourself who wants to be. Various classes to choose from

And a variety of classes that you can choose from specific purposes are also features of First English .

Negotiations and presentations in English Specific business situation measures can be taken " Business" class. We will improve the expressiveness that can be used in actual business situations according to the level and purpose.

English ability to speak in public such as seminars and daily English conversation ability which is the key to communication "Conversation training" class. You can learn how to use English-specific expressions and subtle nuances of English words, including the basics. By repeatedly performing role-playing with the instructor according to various situations, it will lead to the establishment of lively English proficiency.

For those who have problems with Business English, These two classes are recommended. Actually First English , but it's a very popular class.

In addition, there are test preparation classes for " TOEIC ", " TOEFL ", and " IELTS ".
"Pronunciation correction" class that thoroughly corrects pronunciation from all vowels and consonants.
2 "Instant translation" class that translates Japanese sentences into English sentences in seconds and allows you to freely use syntax and phrases.

You can choose the class you want to be, such as preparing for exams and English conversation when traveling.

I am glad that the

course can be continued at my own pace from 1 times a week.

Lesson support day: Monday-Saturday
Lesson support time: 6: 00-22: 00

Filipino teacher from a thorough student perspective

But why the Philippines in the first place? Although the Philippines is an Asian country, it is now internationally recognized as an English nation.

The English ability of Filipinos, whose pronunciation is clean and easy to hear, can be seen from the fact that the call center business in the Philippines is the world's No. 1 .

Furthermore, from the background of learning English, he is familiar with the problems of students and the points that are easy to stumble. > .

Whether it's 50 minutes or 100 minutes a week, it's still the best shortcut.
With a reliable instructor on your side, you will be one step closer to yourself who wants to be every week.

To convey your feelings in your own words.




Product name One-on-one online English conversation lesson
Monthly fee (tax included) 1 frame / week: 7,700 yen
2 frames / week: 14,300 yen
5 frames / week: 35,200 yen
* Lesson time Is 50 minutes per frame.
Lesson support days Monday-Saturday
Lesson response time 6: 00-22: 00
Class English Conversation Training Class
Business Class
Instant Translation Class
Pronunciation Forced Class
Situational Practical English Conversation Class
* You can choose the class according to your purpose when you make a contract after taking the trial lesson.
Overview Free trial lesson application flow
① Please apply for the lesson from the inquiry column at the top of this page.
② After making an inquiry, we will ask you by e-mail about the "desired date and time of the trial lesson".
③ We will carry out a free trial.