Producers are only a dozen or so
High sugar content of only about 8 grains from 1 strain

Sakura peach strawberry 1 box (24-28 grains)
Sakura peach strawberry 1 box (24-28 grains)
Sakura peach strawberry 1 box (24-28 grains)

Sakura peach strawberry 1 box (24-28 grains)

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Premium strawberries harvested only in Sanagochi Village, a mountainous area in Tokushima Prefecture.

The number of producers of "Sakura Momo Ichigo", which was born in 2008 by improving "Momo Ichigo", is limited to more than a dozen households in the village.

In order to increase the sugar content, the fruits that are concentrated around 8 per plant are characterized by their sweetness and overflowing juice.

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Product name Strawberries (Sakura peach strawberry, from Tokushima prefecture)
Quantity 24-28 pieces
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