The sweet scent that spreads the moment you open the box
Large and juicy new variety

Tochiaika 1 box (9 to 15 tablets)
Tochiaika 1 box (9 to 15 tablets)
Tochiaika 1 box (9 to 15 tablets)

Tochiaika 1 box (9 to 15 tablets)

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1. Strawberries delivered with confidence by connoisseur buyers who have more than 20 years of experience in handling fruits and vegetables and a network with producers nationwide.

2. Among "Tochiaika", By Emotion looks at the market on the day of shipment and carefully selects large ones.

3 . A taste with less sourness and outstanding freshness and sweetness.

This is a new variety that was first shipped in the fall of 2019 from Tochigi prefecture, which has the largest acreage and yield of strawberries in Japan, and was named "Tochiaika" in the general vote in 2020. The name comes from "Tochi tree's loved fruit".

Compared to "Tochiotome", "Tochiaika" feels sweeter because it has less acidity, and the fruits are large and firm, so you can enjoy eating it.

Strawberry Kingdom Please enjoy the latest strawberry "Tochiaika" as an original variety of Tochigi prefecture as soon as possible.
* The number of grains varies depending on the season. If you are concerned about the number of grains, please contact us from the following.



Product name Strawberries (Tochiaika, Tochigi prefecture)
Quantity 9 ~ 15 tablets
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