Enjoy with a wine glass
The first domestically produced smoked black tea

Kaneroku Matsumotoen JAPANESE SMOKED TEA
Kaneroku Matsumotoen JAPANESE SMOKED TEA
Kaneroku Matsumotoen JAPANESE SMOKED TEA
Kaneroku Matsumotoen JAPANESE SMOKED TEA

Kaneroku Matsumotoen JAPANESE SMOKED TEA

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  • Japan's first smoked tea leaf bottling tea
  • Achieves a deep taste that cannot be produced with a teapot by the low temperature extraction method
  • Use whiskey barrels aged for decades for smoked chips


Japan's first smoked black tea

Tea is a companion to sweets served in a tea cup.

The bottled tea "JAPANESE SMOKED TEA" from Kaneroku Matsumotoen changes the concept of black tea.

This bottled tea is made from high-quality tea leaves from Kaneroku Matsumotoen, a tea farmer that has been in business for over 100 years since the Edo period in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture. At Kaneroku Matsumotoen, we continue to adhere to the "tea grass field farming method" , which has been designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage, as a traditional farming method that we want to pass on to the next generation.

While adhering to traditional farming methods, "I wanted to make something with originality that not only people in the tea industry but also the general public can enjoy a special feeling," said Japan's first "smoked black tea." It was created by Hiroki Matsumoto, the third generation of Kaneroku Matsumotoen.

By smoking tea leaves with smoked chips, it is a unique smoked black tea that achieves a fragrant aroma when drunk without using additives or spices. Its authentic aroma and taste are proved by , which is the only Japanese black tea handled at the main store in Paris, a long-established French black tea specialty store.

A new tea time to enjoy with a wine glass

The tea leaves of such smoked black tea are extracted to the maximum taste by low temperature extraction method by a special cold extraction method . The deep taste that cannot be produced with a teapot changes the concept of tea.

And the smoky and fragrant aroma goes well with meat dishes such as steak and roast beef. A luxurious time at night when you enjoy cheese and nuts and tea slowly ─

Alcohol is not the only thing you can enjoy in wine glasses and rock glasses now. Please enjoy your own adult tea time with this smoked tea that makes you think so.

It is also recommended as a dinner time companion with an important person or as a gift for that person with a good taste.



Distributor Kaneroku Matsumotoen
Manufacturer Benefitea Co., Ltd.
Capacity 720ml
Raw material name Tea (produced in Shizuoka), Vitamin C
Preservation method Store away from high temperature and direct sunlight please give me.
Expiration date Approximately 6 months after manufacture without opening (correctly check the description of the purchased product)
Shipping Schedule After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform: 1,000 yen
Notes ・Over time, the tea ingredients may float or settle, but this is not a quality issue.
・ Avoid impact on the container and freezing.
・ Consume as soon as possible after opening.


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