Kensuke Yamamoto (Sumally FOUNDER & CEO)

Live surrounded by your favorite things
Free space in Karuizawa


It takes about 10 minutes to drive north from Naka Karuizawa Station.

Mr. Yamamoto purchased the property at the end of 2019 in the dense atmosphere of the Sengataki area surrounded by tall trees.

A 50-year-old hut was fully renovated and almost completed in August 2020. A space where "likes" are transparent and enviable.

Frank Lloyd Wright's lights warmly illuminate the entrance

Mr. Yamamoto, who says "renovation is really fun", has the experience of remodeling an Ebisu condominium from a skeleton by his own design.

If it's a one-room renovation, you can think of a plan yourself. It seems difficult to build a house from scratch ... There is luxury and comfort because of my plan.

I chose the construction company and the materials used by myself without including the architect in the design.

The veranda part was left. We are particular about the tiles we laid

As for how to spend time in Karuizawa, many days of work are desk work and 5 or 6 ZOOM meetings. In the meantime, go to the nearby "Tonbo no Yu" and enter the sauna (By the way, Mr. Yamamoto, who likes traveling like location scouting, often stops by if there is a sauna at his travel destination). On my days off, my friends often come and enjoy barbecue on the premises.

Mr. Yamamoto, who originally came to Karuizawa frequently.

I saw about 10 houses when I bought them, but it is said that the murmuring that flows by the hut was the decisive factor for this property.

If you hadn't come across this hut, you might not have bought it in Karuizawa yet.

Before the new coronavirus became like this, I thought it would be nice if I could come to Karuizawa about twice a month, but due to the corona-ka, the company became a remote work, and this is the main one. It is said that it became a base. We are about to enter the first winter.

Basically, I spend as much time as I can in Karuizawa.

Hacking distance with technology

"I don't want to live in an inconvenient place," says Yamamoto.

The theme of living in Karuizawa is not to change the quality of life as much as possible while staying away from the city center. Many home appliances are connected to the network, and a state-of-the-art smart house is being built.

OK Google's voice screams a roll screen down a large window, and B & O's tower-type floor speakers in the left and right corners of the room play your favorite songs on Amazon Music HD. The delivery box also has a network function.

Jenny Holzer's work can also be operated with a smartphone

Since the food is good, the large kitchen is equipped with a full-scale refrigerator (VIKING, USA). It is said that it was handed over due to the relocation of an acquaintance's office.It is the result of selecting each furniture item

Isop's care items are like a shop

Scantherm wood stove. The firewood rack next to it was ordered from Alibaba

The closet is wide on the entire side

Art is placed everywhere in the room.

Mr. Yamamoto is an art freak who goes to more than 100 exhibitions a year at home and abroad (in a normal year), focusing on contemporary art.

I think there is a place where I'm trying to install on myself what the artist sees the world through art. A fascinating artist has his own world, which has his own protocol. In my job as a startup manager, I spend my days immersed in capitalism, but if I look only at the rules of capitalism, I'm likely to lose sight of a bigger perspective. It's not uncommon. I think there is a place where the balance is maintained by constantly touching the viewpoints from various angles.

Mr. Yamamoto, who carefully explained the works one by one, has many close friends.

The artist also draws at the risk of his life, so I feel that buying a painting is similar to eating the meat . You can't buy it unless you really like it. I like it and I don't think I like it, so most of the time I buy it, and when I say "investment", it feels strange. Shin.


Rei Imai

Rikako Kawauchi

Julian Opie

Mr. Yamamoto has a deep knowledge of classical music as well as art. Among them, Beethoven is said to be special, and "Ninth" can be sung in German.

A few years ago, I went to the Berlin Philharmoniker concert to perform all the symphonies 1 to 9 conducted by Simon Rattle.

Limited to those made by less than 10 god-like composers, but from the time the song was born hundreds of years ago to the present day. I think it's overwhelmingly amazing that it continues to take away the time of musically talented people from all over the world, from conductors to players.

I bought an Audi wagon at Mercari as a car to leave here when I started living in Karuizawa.

In Tokyo, I didn't really feel the need to own a car, and at first I thought it would be okay with Karuizawa or without a car, but soon "feet" are indispensable. I noticed that.

I think it's a house, a car, and usually a long-term purchase, but for this person, it seems that he has made a light decision for some reason.

Input / Resolution / Selection

When it comes to restaurants in Tokyo, I still don't want to lose to Google with reflexes

Mr. Yamamoto's huge amount of input is unparalleled. He says he is always interested in "what is happening in the world now?"

Since he was a high school student, he seems to have read not only men's magazines but also women's magazines, weekly magazines, information magazines, and all other magazines. Nowadays, you can read, see, and crawl with the magazine app on your smartphone. Around this time, I go to Shigehiko Toyama's "Serendipity of Random Reading" on the ground, but I don't just read it.

Go to places of concern like the art exhibition mentioned above, see them, and talk to people. Then put the information in the funnel and recognize what is happening or is about to happen with the squeezed and dripping extract.

Mr. Yamamoto calls himself "resolution supreme principle".

Art, music, and personal belongings are not limited to what you like, but after understanding exactly what the creator thinks about making, you can get a bird's-eye view as much as possible. I want to understand.

The accumulation of primary information and experience that is not hearsay is piled up in the brain like a millefeuille. After pursuing it objectively in the process, choose what you like subjectively. Objective-subjective, whole-partial back and forth is dynamic.

I like things that can be used for a long time regardless of genre. I'm also attracted to things that are a little playful and free. It is said that he will continue to collect information on a regular basis, consider options, and make a purchase decision after taking himself to the "state where he has no choice but to buy". Due to the speed of this process, it may look light from the outside.

Freedom is HOME

The first thing that changed when I started living in Karuizawa was "the recovery of humanity."

When I was in the hut, I often slept around 10 pm, and I had more sleep (no matter what time I slept, I woke up at 5 am every morning).

If you don't have to go to the office every day, you should go to Karuizawa.

Mr. Yamamoto says, "How people see it has nothing to do with their own judgment criteria," says Mr. Yamamoto, who lives freely surrounded by what he likes, more than the world's evaluation.

I feel that the times when the villa was a symbol of wealth will pass. Also, living in nature is not limited to the simple life that Thoreau envisioned.

" Abundance" and "comfort" are not bound by the concept of dressing. Think based on yourself, determine the value, and mobilize technology and relationships to realize it. Through Mr. Yamamoto's free space, I saw an individual model in the future.


Yamamoto Kensuke

Born in 1981, from Kobe. After working as an advertising agency and magazine editor, he founded Sumally. His smartphone storage service "Summary Pocket" is also popular.There is a strong interest in music, food, theatrical performances, art, etc., and the most important thing in daily business that travels around the country in search of some input on weekends is resolution, and high resolution input is high resolution output. I am spending my life believing that I will give birth to.