Britain's pride that rarely rides
To a healing journey with an envy look

[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)
[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)

[Discontinued] Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (1987)

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  • Classic car sold for hundreds of millions of yen
  • YouTube Celebrities happily talk about classic cars and the story goes on and on
  • I bought a classic car instead of a luxury car packed with the latest technology

I sometimes hear stories like this, but what makes a classic car so fascinating?

In this series, we will introduce some of the rarest classic cars on the market, what attracts people, and what it means to ride in that car. (Since it is a high-priced product, we will not make payment on the site, but you can purchase it after contacting us from the form at the bottom of the page.)

This time I would like to introduce "Aston Martin" V8 Volante series 2 (Model year: 1987 Year) ".

Aston Martin is a brand familiar to those who have considered luxury cars. On the other hand, unlike Benz and Porsche, it is rarely seen in the city, and it is a brand that is not familiar to those who have never considered it.

Produced in small quantities for aristocrats and capitalists

Long before Toyota and Honda were born, there were only a few hundred cars in Japan. 1913 Aston Martin was founded in England in the year (Taisho 2).

In an era when aristocrats had engineers and were competing for speed in the race while improving the convenience of cars, Aston Martin was also made in small quantities for a handful of patrons (supporters) such as aristocrats and millionaires. It was a car that was out of sight.

Therefore, while many brands pursue improvement of production efficiency by mechanization, we will continue to carry out small-quantity production and establish a special position as a brand that emphasizes handmade delivery to special people.

The car body has complicated curves that are different from those made by current presses. 30 More than a year ago, in England, I saw a craftsman who hit a single board with a hammer over and over again to create a convincing curve, which made me even more dear.

On the other hand, management efficiency is poor due to sticking to handmade, and the interruption of motor sports due to World War II, 1970 We have experienced many business crises and bankruptcies, such as the suspension of sales in the United States due to emission regulations of the 1980s, but each time a new capitalist appears, we are still able to survive as a brand.

"British pride" that even car lovers rarely meet

So why do capitalists appear?

When I asked people who have been riding various classic cars including Aston Martin for many years about the charm of Aston Martin,

Aston Martin is a brand like "British pride". In addition, due to low volume production, Aston Martin classic cars are not always on the market when you want to buy them, even if you have the money. Even if you like cars, few people can experience Aston Martin, so the people who get it are very impressed.

It's called.

Management that has been attached to the brand because it has been carefully hand-crafted for aristocrats and millionaires, and that only a limited number of people can ride it because of the small number of production. It helped me overcome the crisis.

A look of envy beyond envy

And while you may be jealous when it comes to riding a luxury car, it's not the person who rides an Aston Martin.

He has the impression that he knows the culture and manufacturing of British gentlemen without being influenced by fashion, and he is said to receive envy rather than envy.

What is Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2 (year: 1987)?

Introducing this time " V8 Volante series 2 " teeth, 1987 After being completed at the factory in Newport Pagnell, England in 1945, it was once exported to North America, and the following year it is stepping on the soil of Japan. The total production of Volante is a little over 4,000, and the series that is the last model among them. 2 Is only a little 245 Only the stand is made. And being an open model rather than a coupe makes it even more rare.

The seat is made of magnolia leather with burgundy piping, which matches the body color, so you can feel the good taste. The interior is luxurious yet simple, with plenty of the finest Connolly leather and walnut construction around the instrument panel.

To a healing place under warm sunlight

British gentlemen enjoyed Aston Martin convertibles in villas such as Monaco and Nice, not in the cold England.

Why don't you drive to a place that heals you, such as Karuizawa and Zushi, where you can feel the warmth of the craftsmen.

I can't wait for the warm sunlight.



Manufacturer / Brand Aston Martin V8 Volante Series 2
Year 1987
Color Wine Red
Interior Magnolia
Driving 54,500 miles (87,709.25km)
Inspection Reiwa November 2nd
Others Left-hand drive, 3-speed AT, power steering, power window, air conditioner, travel luggage