1% of the total! With a very rare honey
Building a body that is resistant to viruses

Manuka honey
Manuka honey

Manuka honey

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  • 純度100%の希少なマヌカハニー
  • 強い抗菌作用を持つとされるMGO成分を含む
  • 美容にも良く「飲む美容液」といわれている


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To build a body that can withstand viruses

Now that the new coronavirus is rampant all over the world, everyone is interested in sterilization and strengthening immunity, but Manuka honey is a very safe and easy measure that is easy to incorporate in daily life and has no side effects. It is one.

A friend of mine who regularly uses it said that he didn't catch a cold at all when he took it, the discomfort in his throat disappeared in a blink of an eye, and he had no asthma.

Less than 1% of the total. Use precious Manuka honey

"Manuka honey" is honey made from the nectar of the flowers that bloom in the tree "Manuka", which grows only in New Zealand all over the world. "Manuka" is a New Zealand native Maori word meaning "tree of resurrection" and has long been popular as a medicine to cure diseases.

Manuka trees bloom cute light pink flowers for only six weeks of the year, but bees collect nectar for only a short time. That's why Manuka honey is so rare that it can only be taken for a limited period of time on a limited land in the world.

Manuka honey contains a component called MGO (methylglyoxal), which is not contained in other honeys and is said to have a strong antibacterial effect.

The higher this number, the more nutritious and high quality Manuka honey is, and it helps to solve a wide range of health concerns such as stomach condition, mouth odor, wounds, allergies and resistance.

The MGO value starts from a low value of about 5, but in general, those with a value of 400 or more can be expected to have medical effects. Less than 1% of all Manuka honeys show 550 or higher It is said that it is very valuable and valuable.

Even more rare MGO950 (LIMITED EDITION)

Especially rare MGO950. This is a gem that you can hardly meet because only about 300 items are sold in Japan.

Please use it when you do not want to get sick, or when it is important to give a gift to your important friends or elderly parents.

Popular as a gift as a "drinking serum"
250g for about 1 month with 1 spoon a day

It has a great effect not only on health but also on beauty, and is popular as a gift for women as a "drinking serum" in New Zealand.

Even those who take Manuka honey on a regular basis are often conscious of building a stronger body by eating things with higher MGO values such as MGO400 and MGO573 during the dry season in autumn and winter. ..

When eating, it is recommended to scoop Manuka honey with a spoon and let it melt in the back of your throat. 250g, 1 cup a day, about 1 month You can enjoy it for a while.

To deliver safe and secure Manuka honey

Recently, Manuka honey has been seen more and more in supermarkets such as food departments and department stores. There are various brands, and I'm wondering which one to choose, but Manuka Honey from Manuka Health has an absolute sense of security.

He makes 100% pure Manuka honey that does not use pesticides or antibiotics, and he himself has set up a birdhouse in the primeval forest of Manuka and even bottled it at his own factory. From birdhouses to products, we deliver products all over the world under strict and strict control.

Manuka Health checks all honey for compounds, but has never tested positive for 1080 (a type of compound).

(Reference) Manuka Health Co., Ltd. About the safety of Manuka Honey

And we have prepared the best environment to produce high quality Manuka honey.

MGO In order to make high quality Manuka honey with a high number, it is important that the bees collect only Manuka honey. When the nectar of other flowers is mixed, MGO This is because the value of is lowered and the grade is lowered.

For that reason, they place their hives far away, isolated from other sources of nectar. Remote land Manuka virgin forest in.

Even in such a remote area, "Master Bee Keeper" David A specialized team, including Mr., keeps an eye on the birdhouse and manages it.

Manuka honey is a honey that meets the nature of New Zealand and is delivered to us through strict control of the people. I wondered if this blue bottle in my house had followed such a path, and the bottle that had been in the drawer with a face that seemed to go somewhere was suddenly felt close to me, and I became attached to it.

I will take this opportunity to make a daily spoonful a habit. I want to take the time to enjoy the gifts from nature that are delicious and can protect my health.

INTERVIEW <New Zealand Trade and Economy Promotion Agency Jessica Tissue>

New Zealanders' regular items. Manuka honey for Japanese people

We asked Jessica Tisch, a person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce of the New Zealand Trade and Economy Promotion Agency, what Manuka honey, which contains ingredients that are said to have a strong antibacterial effect, is for New Zealanders.

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Manufacturer Manuka Health (New Zealand)
Product Name

・ Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO400 + / UMF13 +
・ Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO573 + / UMF16 +
・ Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO950 + / UMF22 +
・ Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO1288 + / UMF26 +


・ 250g
・ 500g
* MGO950 and MGO1288 are only 250g. There is no 500g.

* 250g is enough for about one month with one spoon a day

Raw material name New Zealand honey
Country of origin New Zealand
How to save Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 7 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Free shipping fee
Precautions ・ Honey is not sterilized by heating due to the characteristics of the product, so please do not give it to babies under 1 year old.
・ Honey is a natural product and may crystallize white or may vary in color depending on the product, but there is no problem with the quality.


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