Also effective for swelling and constipation!
Vitamin C-rich elite citrus

Dekopon (6 pieces, about 2.0 kg)
Dekopon (6 pieces, about 2.0 kg)
Dekopon (6 pieces, about 2.0 kg)
Dekopon (6 pieces, about 2.0 kg)

Dekopon (6 pieces, about 2.0 kg)

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Of the popular citrus fruits "Shiranui", which is a combination of Kiyomi and Ponkan, only those that meet the standards for sugar content and citric acid can be named "Dekopon", a specialty of Kumamoto.

A sweet citrus fruit with a lovely calyx that pops out. The outer skin looks thick, but it can be easily peeled off by hand like a mandarin orange. The fruit is soft and full of juice, and the thin skin is also soft, so you can enjoy it as it is. It is said to be effective in improving swelling, preventing hypertension and relieving constipation, and is rich in vitamins C .



Product name Dekopon (produced in Kumamoto Prefecture)
Quantity 6 pieces
Weight Approximately 2.0kg
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