Rich in DHA / EPA and few purines

Rare sound
Rare sound
Rare sound

Rare sound

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  • 高級料亭で出される極上品をご家庭で手軽に
  • DHA/EPAが多く、プリン体が少ない
  • 動脈硬化や心筋梗塞、脳血栓などを防ぐ


"Kazunoko is a sound eater"

Rosanjin Kitaoji described Kazunoko as follows. Certainly, the bite sound of "rare sound" was exceptional.

Kazunoko has a lot of DHA / EPA and a little purine.

I had the impression that roe is not a healthy food because it has a lot of purines, but in fact, Kazunoko is an exception.

Ihara & Co., which is famous for the "Yamani" brand and developed "Rare Hibiki," conducted research on the composition of Kazunoko with the cooperation of Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University. EPA When DHA Was found to be extremely large. EPA When DHA Is said to reduce bad cholesterol, lower triglycerides, improve blood flow and prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc., and was confirmed in a human intervention test.

When I had an acquaintance in my 70s eat a few children for a month, there was a change in cholesterol. The bad guys went down from 198 to 98 and the good guys went up from 50 to 53. There are really few foods that make good things.

Ihara said that he felt the power of Kazunoko again.

"Kazunoko" is the most crispy and delicious, but rarely eaten

For the types of Kazunoko

  • Seasoned Kazunoko: Ready to eat
  • Salted Kazunoko: Can be eaten by reconstitution with salt water for half a day (salt water is changed once in between)
  • Kazunoko: Can be eaten by reconstitution with salt water for 4 to 5 days (salt water changes morning and evening)

There are three types, such as abalone, shark fin, and sea cucumber, but the aroma and texture of "Kazunoko" is exceptional, as is the case with foods that condense and become delicious when dried.

However, since it takes time and effort both when manufacturing at the manufacturer and when cooking at the purchaser, in recent years it has rarely been lined up on the table at home, and as a result of the decrease in the number of places where it is used in high-end restaurants, the existence of "Kazunoko" itself has become apparent. There are more people who do not know or have memories of the past.

I want to bring the true taste of Kazunoko to my home so that I can easily taste it.

Meanwhile, "Rare Hibiki" was developed in response to a request from a chef at a high-class restaurant in Ginza, who has a particular desire to have customers eat "Kazunoko".

For the rare Kazunoko, the highest quality, color, luster, shape, and solidity of all the Kazunoko from Canada are used, and the sea breeze of early summer blows gently. Four , Five Select a day when the sun is sunny and dry.

During the day, each one is manually turned over every two hours and dried evenly, and then stored in the factory at night. It is said that if it remains dry at night, it will return due to the night dew. By the way, during the daytime, it is necessary to protect Kazunoko from crows and swallows, and it is the usual sight to shine light with a mirror to keep birds away.

The dried kazunoko made in this way needs to be rehydrated with salt water in order to eat, but this is troublesome and difficult. For example, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of water and 100g Soak the dried kazunoko. To change the salt water once in the morning and evening Four ~ Five Continue the day. At this time, the water temperature is Ten ℃ ~ 20 As a guide, if the temperature is lower than this, the core will remain and will not return, and if it is higher than this, it will rot.

Never put it in the fridge and leave it for four or five days.

Ihara & Co., Ltd. performed this laborious and tricky return work, then salted it again and vacuum-packed it one by one. When eating, salt removal work (similar to salted kazunoko) Ten From ℃ 20 At room temperature at ℃ 6 ~ 8 Soak in salt water for hours 2 Just repeat).

I want to deliver really delicious dried kazunoko to ordinary households more easily.

It was said that it was possible to commercialize it after trial and error, but since it takes a lot of time and effort, the quantity that can be provided to the market is limited, and this site is the only one on the Web.

Wasabi soy sauce and sake

When I asked Keiji Ihara, the representative of Ihara Fisheries, about the recommended way to eat,

Wasabi soy sauce and sake are excellent. And when you cut kazunoko, if you cut it with a kitchen knife, the particles will be crushed, so please break it by hand.

It was said that.

The sound of Kazunoko = deliciousness. "Rare Hibiki" is easier to eat by reducing the time and effort of dried kazunoko. We hope you enjoy the sound with your ears.

Behind the Scenes <Ihara & Co.>

Turn black kazunoko into a yellow diamond. An endless challenge to deliver texture

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Manufacturer Ihara & Co., Ltd.
Product name Salt Kazunoko
Ingredient name Herring egg (from Canada), salt
Contents 300g
How to consume Please consume after performing salt removal work (repeating soaking in salt water for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature of 10 ° C to 20 ° C twice).
Expiration date 3 months from the date of manufacture (Please check the description of the purchased product correctly)
Storage method Refrigerate required (0 ℃ ~ + 10 ℃)
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