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From black kazunoko to yellow diamond
An endless challenge to deliver texture

By Emotion

Do you know why Kazunoko is Kazunoko?

I was surprised to hear from Keiji Ihara of Ihara & Co., which manufactures and sells "Kazunoko of Yamani".

Since there are many eggs, there is an image of Kazunoko. However, Kazunoko, the egg of herring, was called "Kado" before, so it seems that "Kazunoko" became "Kazunoko".

Then, do you know why Kazunoko is called prosperity of descendants?

I was shocked again. "Celebrating the health of herring (two parents) and praying for the prosperity of children and descendants" is an indispensable ingredient for New Year's New Year dishes, but that is probably because of the large number of eggs.

When I was working in Canada, I went to see Mr. Taro Hayashi, the author of the book "In the Life of the Kuroshio Current" and the first Kazunoko in Canada, and I gave the same answer. .. But Mr. Hayashi is not. "Even if a parent dies, the child will grow up. That's why the descendants are prosperous. "

Ihara said nostalgicly. In fact, even after herring is caught, eggs grow in the belly. And this was one of the factors that saved Ihara & Co.'s past predicament.

Canadian herring fishing boat

Ihara Fisheries was shown by Keiji Ihara's father, Choji Ihara. 29 Founded in the year. Originally, while being seconded to the Rumoi government office market in Hokkaido as an accountant, he saw that everyone was making money from the herring caught in Rumoi, and he thought of himself as an independent person. But nature is unpredictable. This Showa 29 Year Four Rumoi made it impossible to catch herring after the moon.

Herring was caught in Nemuro and Akkeshi, so I carried it from there, but at that time it took four days by freight train. Naturally, the freshness of herring declined, so companies that had been handling Kazunoko for some time did not participate.

However, Mr. Choji, who has just started a business, wants something to sell at all costs and decides to handle the number of children transported.

On the contrary, the number of Kazunoko of Mr. Choji, who was thought to be less fresh, grew up during transportation and became crispy, and there was a high probability that he would become a good quality adult (Seiko). As a result, it seems that it led to sales that were more than compensated for purchase fees and transportation costs.

Mr. Choji didn't know that eggs would grow, so Keiji recalls that this was his luck as a manager.

From black kazunoko to yellow diamond

By the way, when you think of Kazunoko, you probably think of yellow ones. Ihara & Co.'s challenge is also behind the birth of this yellow kazunoko.

Showa era where freezing technology has not been established 30 In the 1980s, when Kazunoko was brought from Russia and other countries, it was hardened with salt, so the oxidized Kazunoko was black. At this time, Ihara & Co., Ltd. said that all employees worked on the issue of "how to make the black kazunoko golden".

When I heard that the Chikuwa processor of Rume was redox using hydrogen peroxide to whiten the surimi, he took risks and made trial and error, and as a result, he arrived at a number of children called golden diamonds. Some people who saw it for the first time thought that it was soaked in the yellow colorant of Takuan.

By the way, hydrogen peroxide is designated as a food additive, but it has been confirmed that Kazunoko can be completely eliminated by using an enzyme called catalase, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has approved its use, so please be assured. sea bream.

Safe, secure, bubble wrap texture

The history of Ihara & Co., which has overcome adversity and many challenges. As a fisherman, the introduction of personal computers was quick, 1984 It is said that many employees used it in the year.

You can also search for documents published in major medical journals around the world. PubMed In collaboration with Hokkaido Information University, we have created a paper that will be published in (a database created by the National Library of Medicine's National Center for Biological Sciences). I have no regrets.

Recently, Ihara & Co. has produced popular products such as "Healthy Kazunoko" and "Kazuchi". It makes me shine that I found a company that excels in freezing technology even before this. Keiji speaks ..

We want to contribute to the health of our customers through food by incorporating the latest technologies of the times without sticking to traditional manufacturing methods.

Kazunoko has been eaten for a long time, but expectations are high for its evolving taste.