Takizawa Sake Brewery

Making sake that is enjoyed in the world
Fukaya no Mori's dream of "bubbles"

"Sake is something that brightens the world," says Takizawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. 6 Hideyuki Takizawa, the kuramoto of the generation, says.

We asked Mr. Takizawa, who "disliked taking over the sake brewery" when he was young, about the story that led to the development of the world-renowned transparent sparkling sake "Kikuizumi Hitoshi".

History of Takizawa Sake Brewery

Takizawa Sake Brewery is in the 3rd year of Bunkyu ( 1863 Founded in Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture in 1). Meiji 33 33 Year( 1900 In (Year), we moved to Fukaya City, where the sake brewery is currently located. The reason for the move was that there was a big fire in Ogawa-cho that burned down most of the town, so he bought the sake brewery that was originally in Fukaya.

From Edo on Nakasendo 9 Takizawa Sake Brewery has the advantage of being located in Fukaya-shuku, the second post town (the road in front of Takizawa Sake Brewery was Nakasendo), and the nearby Arakawa, which is indispensable for sake brewing. Will prosper greatly.

Takizawa Sake Brewery facing Nakasendo

Fukaya bricks, which were also used in the station building of Tokyo Station, are used for the sake brewery.

In the historic sake brewery, quaint materials such as Oya stone are used everywhere.

Takizawa Sake Brewery 6 Hideyuki Takizawa, the brewer of the generation, hated alcohol when he was a child. Basically, children have nothing to do with sake, but it was difficult for my grandfather, who was the head of the brewery association in Saitama Prefecture, to come home after drinking from the meeting (at that time, sake was very good). It seems that I had a lot of relationships with them because they were selling well), and when I saw the migrant workers who came to work at the sake brewery working early in the morning, I felt "it's hard".

Mr. Takizawa is such a university Four When I met the manga "Natsuko no Sake" in the year, the "Sake Making Switch" was turned on. I heard that the scene in the manga suffered from my childhood experience, and I still read it from time to time. (As an aside, many of the sake brewers around Mr. Takizawa were interested in sake brewing after reading "Natsuko no Sake".)

Mr. Takizawa, who graduated from university in 1994, works for Ishikawa Sake Brewery, a major brewery in Tokyo. While working in a sake brewery that makes 1 million bottles a year in terms of a single bottle, Mr. Takizawa feels the joy of making sake and comes to want to "reproduce the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity" through the work of component analysis.

In 2007, he became Mr. Mori of Takizawa Sake Brewery (Chief Executive Officer of Sake Brewery) and started developing sparkling sake by implementing the ideas he had warmed up. 2 The year didn't go as planned. Mr. Takizawa recalls that time, "I changed from the previous Mori and asked for results too soon."

Specifically, sake such as Ginjo and Daiginjo is brewed at a low temperature in order to produce a good aroma, but when stressing yeast as a means, it became excessive and difficult to ferment. It depends on the quality of rice, which is the raw material of sake, and there are many uncertainties in sake brewing, but it is still my job. 100 No dots 80 , 90 If it is a point, it is good.

"Kikuizumi Hitoshi", which was created through ideas, plans, and trial and error, is 2019 Obtained a manufacturing method patent in the year.

Manufacturing method patent acquired in 2019

The future of Takizawa Sake Brewery

The morning of the sake brewery is early, morning 6 The preparation work starts around the time and finishes in the morning. The annual schedule is after the rice is harvested Ten Preparation started from the month, the following year Four It will continue until around the month. It is said that sparkling will be brewed from around March, and now it is successfully switched to regular sake, but at the beginning it was difficult to switch heads.

"Koshiki" that steams 300 kg of rice at a time

The heart of the sake brewery, "Kojimuro", which mixes steamed rice with jiuqu

What is settled on the bottom is yeast

Tank for storing liquor

Organized tools

What I'm thinking about now is to dig deeper into sparkling sake. Mr. Takizawa's project, which started with "turbidity" and progressed from transparent to rose, is now looking ahead. Specifically, he is trying to make the color of rosé darker and make it a little more red.

When I'm happy with the sake brewing work, when I can make sake as I imagined despite various uncertainties, and when locals, friends, and overseas customers enjoy drinking the sake I made. He told me when he was in the circle.

"Sake has the power to brighten the world," says Mr. Takizawa. And the ever-evolving sparkling sake "Kikuizumi Hitoshi". As I received, the fine bubbles that irritate the mouth comfortably are like champagne, yet the sweetness of the rice remains as a lingering finish, making it a unique liquor.

Looking ahead to the day when this sake, which goes well with various dishes such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese, will be enjoyed in the scene of gathering around the world, Mr. Takizawa will head to the sake brewery early in the morning.

Hideyuki Takizawa, the 6th kuramoto of Takizawa Sake Brewery