Rigid arm

It ’s so funny that it ’s flying away.
Unique leather products born from one word


The best compliment is to have people say that they are flying and stupid.

Mr. Naohiko Sano, who has a strong arm and has unique leather products with rich colors, talked so daringly.

Many people think of leather products such as cowhide and sheep leather bags and wallets. 1 There is no one.

Only ray leather called Garusha and exotic leather such as crocodile, which are said to be difficult to handle, are handled with a rigid arm. And you will be fascinated by the variety of colors that are rare in leather products and the playful design that you can't find anywhere else.

I try not to snuggle up to users in a bland place.

In a time when there are many marketing-first brands, Mr. Sano's philosophy is really pure.

Make unfounded words a reality

The reason for the birth of such a strong arm is from one word that I instinctively said it.

One day seven years ago, it rang to Mr. Sano, who runs a parallel import business of watches. 1 Book phone. At that time, the person who made an inquiry as a customer was a leather craftsman of watch belts.

Mr. Sano, who was curious, visited the workshop directly at a later date and was surprised. There is a colorful crocodile watch belt born from delicate craftsmanship that has never been seen before.

It's a waste to have such a technique. You should get to know more about it!

It is said that he had no know-how about leather products and had no basis, but he said that he had spoken for the first time.

However, in the first place, the concept of customizing the belt of luxury watches was not well established in Japan. Immediately after receiving advice from an acquaintance, "Isn't such a thing suitable for overseas?" The story of a business partner opening a store in Los Angeles comes in at the right time.

Then, suddenly a large order was placed on the crocodile watch belt that was placed in the store with half confidence. The owner is said to have been the owner of an American authorized dealer of a luxury watch brand.

I will say it for the time being. All you have to do is think about it.

Even after that, Mr. Sano realized the words he spoke without a mentor, such as opening an event in Japan and handling at a store, with his own action. It is said that he has been visiting for several years in order to expand from scratch to the desired sales channel, and has finally been approved.

(From the left in the photo) Naohiko Sano, leather craftsman Takashi Matsushita

Adult playfulness made from the hardest leather

For the new product group, we use Garusha (ray leather), which is also called "the jewel of the sea" because of its luster like a glass bead. If you do it anyway, the tie and bow tie that were born from the idea of "what you have never seen before" are really excellent.

It is said that many years of leather craftsmen refused to produce the project, which was unexpected at first. Garusha is so hard and difficult to process that it is said to be the strongest of all leather, and it was almost reckless to express the curve of the tie. The whole Garusha item, which was completed through repeated trial and error, has an impact that changes the concept of leather products.

A representative of a certain restaurant said, "I've done it. Wow, it's amazing to do so far." He said that he bought a bowtie while leaking such words.

It was just the best compliment.

It's interesting to say "I'm flying".

Mr. Sano makes his eyes shine when there is a plan that has been blown away more than ever this year. It is said that beyond the realization of his own words, new encounters that he had never imagined are connected, expanding the possibilities of his strong arms.

I don't have anything, but the only one is
When you need it, the people you need will bring you what you need.

Sano-san's words that continue to be honest with his own words and call himself a human being.

And I dare to advertise SNS Instead of actively doing it, he says, "If you make something really good and interesting, you can meet people who want it."

A strong arm that goes backwards from the words royal road and safety. Its playful personality is exactly what kind of people will call friends.

I'm sure it's interesting that adults are a little blown away.

Makes me think so Expectations are rising for Mr. Sano's next move.