Stylish accent on the chest
Boutonniere where conversation is born

Ideal World
Strong arm Boutonniere
Strong arm Boutonniere
Ideal World

Strong arm Boutonniere

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  • The leather of Porosas and Nile crocodile, which is the highest quality among crocodile, is used.
  • A playful motif that triggers conversation


Adult playfulness made of rare crocodile leather

"I like your chest"

Boutonniere is likely to create a conversation.

The crocodile genus " Porosas" and "Nile crocodile", which are the rarest and most expensive materials in the crocodile family, are used. t8> . The unique boutonniere , which is packed with playfulness in the materials, colors, and motifs, creates a casual personality at the chest.

Boutonniere stands for buttonhole in French, and it is said that it originated from the decorative flower on the buttonhole on the collar of the jacket in Europe around the 19 century. Therefore, I still see many boutonnieres with flower motifs.

It is also a way for advanced players to enjoy expressing their individuality more freely with such a man's smart sewing. Mr. Sano, who works on unique and colorful leather products, says, "Jigsaw puzzles represent individuals and mean individuals. We want you to enjoy the tastes of men with high-quality materials and unique motifs." ..

A simple jacket with a playful accent.
Why don't you wear a boutonniere that will make you feel a little better and go to your usual place?

Co-produced by leather and iron craftsmen. One-of-a-kind art board

A limited edition art board created by the collaboration of leather craftsman Takashi Matsushita and iron artist Takuya Yoshida.

Jigsaw pieces with different colors and textures are each element that makes up the world. The work created by craftsmen of different materials is an ideal world surrounded by silence.

Ideal World

The world is made up of water, trees, soil and many races. Each element is represented by a jigsaw puzzle piece.

Pieces of the same size embody the ideal that people are equal regardless of skin color. Boutonniere also has the meaning of being an individual that constitutes the world.

Behind the Scenes

It's fun to fly. Unique leather products born from one word

"The best compliment is to have people say that they are flying and stupid," said Naohiko Sano, who has a wealth of colorful and unique leather products.

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Distributor Tsuyoshi Co., Ltd.
Product name Jigsaw puzzle piece Boutonniere
Material Front side: Crocodile Back side: Glossy cowhide
Size H: 2.5cm W: 3.0-3.5cm D: 0.4cm
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 7 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Free

Distributor Tsuyoshi Co., Ltd.
Product name Ideal World
Material Crocodile, iron
Size H: 48cm W: 64cm
Weight 10kg
Shipping schedule We will ship within 7 days after ordering.
Shipping fee (tax included) Free


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