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By Emotion

Actually, that is a pearl.

A bracelet placed in a corner of a bar with

. It's cool for bartenders. When I talked to him, I got an unexpected answer.

Naturally not all round and white things

The creator of the

bracelet is Takashi Deguchi of PFE (Pearl FAR EAST ).

Mr. Deguchi, who was born and raised in Ise-Shima, the birthplace of pearl farming, will join a Japanese corporation that cultivates pearls in Tahiti through his acquaintance after graduating from university.

Mr. Deguchi's father was a civil servant, so he was not born in a pearl-related business. I've watched it.

Therefore, he said that he wanted to do a job that would benefit the local community from his own perspective without knowing it.

At the company, I learned how to see pearls and sorting techniques from scratch, and after experiencing the first auction of only black pearls, which was rare and rarely handled in Japan, in the 1990s, 4 Independent after a year.

At first, I used my experience to buy pearls from overseas auctions and sell them domestically, but when I was 20 years old, I should have one. I felt uncomfortable that only the excellent white and round pearls were looking at the sun.

When you actually face the sea and face nature, it's not all round and white.

You can do various things. Something with a different shape. I was attracted to that unique thing. You shouldn't throw it away. There was a doubt that everyone would be equalized by abandoning their individuality, and I felt that individuality was a treasure.

, says Mr. Deguchi.

From the desire to make the most conservative pearl necklace in the local pearl industry into fashion from your own perspective, we have expanded the range of work from baroque pearl and keshi pearl jewelry design to manufacturing. rice field.

Select 0.2% pearls by looking at each one by yourself

Participation in pearl auctions held around the world can only be done by a limited number of people. Based on the purchase amount, trust relationship, etc., information on the auction will be contacted individually. Mr. Deguchi has participated in auctions held in various parts of the world, including Tahiti, Indonesia, and Australia, and has imported pearls.

The pearls obtained by auction cannot be sold as they are. The scent and dirt of the sea are removed and sorted.

At this time, Mr. Deguchi also selects the pearls used in his jewelry, but while looking at the shine and shape, there are black spots in even one place, and there are visible or invisible scratches. Do not use.

Since he has been wholesale pearls for many years, he is pursuing quality that is not ashamed of being seen by professionals in the pearl industry. However, he said he would use characteristic and good wounded pearls.

For example, when I sorted the other day, only 55 out of 25,000 pearls were selected for Mr. Deguchi's jewelry, and only one of the 55 selected pearls had a line like a screw. there were.

Normally, it may not be used for jewelry. However, he felt that this was one of the 25,000 unique pearls, and decided to use it for jewelry.

It is a selection eye like Mr. Deguchi who values ​​the natural state.

25,000 grains before sorting

55 selected grains. There is a striped pearl like a screw on the right side

Because they are sorted in this way, they have the shape of each grain in their heads, and if they have time, they are thinking about designs that make the most of pearls.

Once the design is decided, we will do the processing of making a hole for threading by ourselves.

Go to the world by yourself, sort and process. Jewelery that uses unique pearls luxuriously is unique because it is a human being who has devoted so much time to pearls.

Seawater pearls made with "feelings like raising my child"

Another thing we are particular about is that we do not handle freshwater pearls, but only seawater pearls. There are two main differences between freshwater pearls and seawater pearls: the shine and rarity of pearls.

Freshwater pearls generally have lower nacre transparency than seawater pearls, and because they are layered on top of each other, they are less transparent.

The seawater pearl, which has a higher transparency of the

layer, reflects light from the outside to produce various interference colors, creating a deep teri in which the light overlaps from the back.

Next, about shortage.

Freshwater pearls, which are mainly produced in China, can be mass-produced because multiple pearls can be cultivated from one shell and tend to grow quickly, whereas seawater pearls can be mass-produced from one shell to one or several. Only pearls can be cultivated.

And while freshwater pearls are grown in a place like a pond where temperature control is easy, seawater pearls are grown in the sea, so check the water temperature every morning and move to a place with an appropriate water temperature. It is said that it takes time and effort to move the attached squid.

In this way, freshwater pearls and seawater pearls are completely different in the process, story, and mind and amount of time of the creator.

Mr. Deguchi has been looking at the industry in various ways, and one seawater pearl maker said,

Shellfish are creatures, and they are made while talking with the feeling of raising their own children

The word

still remains in my heart. 1 It took a long time for each grain to be filled with the feelings of the creator, and it seems that he came to think that the highly rare seawater pearl is the pearl that he should handle.

Make the customer in front of you happy


2020 year 11 , the atelier and shop BAROUE ROOM was opened near Ise Jingu. It is said that he rented a room in a building that was built 50 and built it with the help of his fellow wisdom.

Here, you can see Mr. Deguchi's production work, select your favorite pearl loose from raw materials, and experience the work of drilling, gluing, and tying necklaces with thread. I hope it will remain in your heart as a destination.

Address: 3-26 Yokaichibacho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture, 2nd floor of Yubundo Building

I walked while carving out the road Until now, it was never a flat road. Even so, Mr. Deguchi continued, and the source of his willingness to continue walking on this road is the voice of the customer.

We will create happiness within the reach and reach of our eyes, and the voice of the customer in front of us, "I'm glad, I like it," will be vital.

[Voice of purchaser]

  • I didn't wear fast fashion until now, but after I bought Mr. Deguchi's jewelry, I started to buy fast fashion.

    Just by attaching Mr. Deguchi's jewelry to simple clothes, it will be completely different, so I don't care about fast fashion.
  • A person walking from the opposite side wore jewelry designed with plenty of baroque pearls and keshi pearls, and I immediately realized that it was Mr. Deguchi's work.
  • When I got sick and was hospitalized, Mr. Deguchi's jewelry was my hope to get well and return to society. Thanks to you, I am completely cured and I wear it at work. If I don't wear Mr. Deguchi's jewelry, my day won't start.

* In addition, at the collection exhibition the other day, a famous female fashion designer from a major figure came to me and said, "Your jewelry is wonderful. It's cool. Keep going." It seems that he was sick.