Salon de Shimaji

Condensed sense of Katsuhiko Shimaji
A moment in Nishi-Azabu where you can experience first-class

By Emotion


What is a life study desk?

The bar counter is a study desk for life. I don't know which is the teacher and which is the student, Berman or the customer.

Katsuhiko Shimaji, owner of Salon de Shimaji in Nishi-Azabu, former editor-in-chief of Weekly Playboy, and now an essayist and barman, says so.

Read a book at the bar counter before the customer arrives, and enjoy the conversation after the customer enters. There are also whiskey specialists that Mr. Shimaji calls a teacher, and customers who come to see him like a teacher. Then, customers are connected, conversations are born, and new inspiration is born.

While looking at such a scene, the intention expressed as "study desk" gradually permeated.

Contact with the first class starting from the slanji bar

The store that was originally in the department store was closed, and in April 2020, the store was opened as "the last big game of life" for Mr. Shimaji. A fresco is drawn on the ceiling, which is 6 meters long, and it is a "shop with a condensed sense that Mr. Shimaji has collected all over the world."

Salon de Shimaji begins with a toast called "Slange Bar" with Katsuhiko Shimaji. Slanji bar is a Scottish word that replaces "cheers" and means "celebrating great happiness, celebrating health."

Mr. Matsumoto, the chief Berman, and Mr. Hiroe, the Berman, support Mr. Shimaji.

Mr. Matsumoto should have helped for only one month, but accepted Mr. Shimaji's love call that continued every day, "Please go out with me at the end of my life." I closed the bar that I had opened in Iwate and came out to Tokyo.

A person who has a tongue like a cook and can find and enjoy his commitment by browsing overseas sites and searching for items he likes.

Mr. Hiroe has been standing at Salon de Shimaji with Mr. Shimaji for 7 years since he was a department store. He was assigned to Salon de Shimaji at a department store where he thought he would change jobs from a fashion job and sell suits, and he is an indispensable person who has supported Mr. Shimaji by his side while learning Birman from scratch for 7 years. ..

Salon de Shimaji is first-class, there is no second-class here.

says Mr. Shimaji with a confident face. Birman, liquor, and various items on display. Among such many items, Mr. Shimaji's favorite items are the following two.

Tadanori Yokoo's original picture

When Mr. Shimaji was still around 30 years old, when he wrote the novelist Renzaburo Shibata's "Prowling Yota" serialized in Weekly Playboy, Tadanori Yokoo, an artist and designer, said "One year." This is the original picture drawn by Mr. Tadanori Yokoo, who said, "I will give it to Shimaji-kun with the effort of." What I got after my efforts is exceptional.

1960s EMI speakers

Also known as the "listening library," Basie is a jazz cafe in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, where people from all over the world gather to listen to jazz. The reason why jazz fans and audiophiles are captivated is that master Shoji Sugawara creates a sound that makes you feel as if a famous artist is playing in front of you, even though you are playing records. be.

Mr. Shoji Sugawara, a master who has a strong commitment to reproducing such raw sounds and has a special commitment to amplifiers and speakers, cherished it to enjoy quietly all day long in old age. Mr. Shimaji took over the thing. He shouldn't have used it for a long time, but he likes it because it makes a very beautiful sound. Please enjoy the sound at Salon de Shimaji.

When my work is over, when I want to talk with a small group after drinking in a team, as I get older, I have more opportunities to go to the bar. He doesn't smoke, but he drinks slowly with a cigar in his hand and talks silly. Berman is not too far, not too close, and he adds a topic with a sense of distance, and I also want to be first-class. Salon de Shimaji has that kind of energy.