Elegant sex appeal with a single blow
Unisex woody aroma

写真撮影:峯 竜也
写真撮影:峯 竜也
Salon de Shimaji HELLENISM
Salon de Shimaji HELLENISM
写真撮影:峯 竜也
写真撮影:峯 竜也

Salon de Shimaji HELLENISM

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Birth is from the scent of pipe tobacco leaves

When you enter the bar "Salon de Shimaji" in Nishi-Azabu, change your clothes and blow HELLENISM EAU DE PARFUM under the jacket. That is the routine of Mr. Shimaji, a former editor-in-chief of Weekly Playboy, who is now active as an essayist and barman.

Photograph: Tatsuya Mine

"The best tobacco leaves are selected from the finest pipe tobacco stores in New York and Los Angeles, and the scent of tobacco leaves is a unique blend of them," says Shimaji.

The writer Takeshi Kaiko named this tobacco leaf "HELLENISM (a culture born from the fusion of Western civilization and Eastern culture)" because it fused the east coast and the west coast. Then, Mr. Alain Berge, a famous French perfumer, realized Mr. Shimaji's desire to somehow turn the elegant scent that Mr. Takeshi Kaiko had enjoyed throughout his life into a perfume.

Photograph: Tatsuya Mine

Many people think of the scent of tobacco as an unpleasant scent, but pipe tobacco enjoys a mellow scent not found in cigarettes. In fact, I also tried the scent of HELLENISM pipe tobacco, but it was a soft, slightly warm scent that was wrapped in vanilla.

Photograph: Tatsuya Mine

Logically analyze the scent and finish it with a professional sense of smell

The perfume was made in the following flow.

  1. In order to faithfully reproduce the scent, pipe tobacco leaves are sent to a French laboratory, and the head space (the scent floating in the space that humans breathe and feel) is sucked with a special rod-shaped pipe that adsorbs the scent. After immersing the suction rod in a solvent, the odor molecules dissolved in the solvent are analyzed with a device called "gas chromatomas spectrum". Furthermore, the tobacco leaves themselves are soaked in a solvent and analyzed by gas chromatomas spectra. At this stage, the constituent molecules and their quantity ratios can be grasped.

  2. Based on the analytical data, a specialist will assemble a scent plot with natural and synthetic fragrance ingredients. The raw material prescription made at this time is far from the desired scent.

  3. This scent plot prescription and the scent that you actually smelled are analyzed with the nose of perfumer magician Alain Verju, and logically reassembled into a fragrance-like fragrance. Complete the scent.

When she asked an acquaintance woman who worked for a perfume company how she wore her perfume, she

When applied directly to the skin, the top note has a sweet scent of vanilla and a slight citrus scent. Soon the top note fruit is no longer fresh and spicy, leaving a warm, sweet scent on the skin.
After a while, the scent of sweet bergamot remained with the scent of woody aroma and amber. The scent is a little powdery, and I'm convinced that it's unisex.
It was


Enjoy the change of scent

The scent is memorable as a human impression. Immediately after putting on the perfume, the refreshing and clean scent gradually changes to a dignified scent that makes you feel confident and calm.

I would like you to take a break at the end of work and use it as a reliable yet playful person when you go out to the city at night.

Behind the Scenes

Former Weekly Playboy Editor-in-Chief Katsuhiko Shimaji's sense is condensed. A moment in Nishi-Azabu where you can experience first-class and gain awareness of your life

"The bar counter is a study desk for life. I don't know which is the teacher and which is the student." Owner of Salon de Shimaji in Nishi-Azabu, former editor-in-chief of Weekly Playboy, and now active as an essayist and barman. Katsuhiko Shimaji says so.

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Manufacturer Neo Necreation Co., Ltd.
Product name HELLENISM EAU DE PARFUM Hellenistic Eau de Parfum
Country of origin of fragrance France
Perfumer Alain Berge
Contents 100mL
Ingredients Ethanol, Fragrance
Scent Top note (scent 5-10 minutes after application)
Italian yellow mandarin, Brazilian orange, vanilla scent, Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil, Italian lemon

Middle note (scent for about 30 minutes to 2 hours after application)
Bergamot, Albanian cadenezu, Indonesian clove oil, Russian sage, Russian coriander accord fuzea note

Base note (remaining scent from 2 hours after application until the scent disappears)
Indian Cyparus Oil Spicy Woody and Amber Note
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