Beyond the retort
The taste that the cooks of the first-class hotels also growl

Salon de Shimaji Shirokane Pork Keema Curry
Salon de Shimaji Shirokane Pork Keema Curry
Salon de Shimaji Shirokane Pork Keema Curry

Salon de Shimaji Shirokane Pork Keema Curry

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  • Luxurious use of Iwate brand pig Shirokane pig
  • No chemical seasonings, colorings or spices, so you can eat it safely
  • Beer and highball Easy and luxurious time with one hand


The deliciousness that even the chefs of top-class hotels repeat

The luxuriously used platinum pork, the amount of chickpeas with just the right hardness, and the very well-balanced keema curry surprised me. Above all, for a retort curry, the aroma and flavor remain firmly, and it is a very luxurious keema curry.

There is

and retort curry that is repeatedly purchased by a person who serves as a special cooking adviser at a first-class hotel in Tokyo.

Keema curry popular at national craft beer festivals

Mr. Matsumoto, the chief barman of the bar "Salon de Shimaji" in Nishi-Azabu, has always liked keema curry, and when he entered a new curry shop, he ordered keema curry and tried it to see if it was delicious. It is natural that Mr. Matsumoto started serving keema curry as a back menu at a bar run by Iwate.

However, this curry did not end with a mere bar curry. The reputation for deliciousness spread, and we decided to open a store at the National Craft Beer Festival in Ichinoseki. Since then, it has become a popular store that has opened for over 10 years.

I like curry and have eaten a lot. Before, when I ate keema curry at a bar in Matsumoto, I felt that it was as delicious as the keema curry of the famous curry shop Kama in Jimbocho, and I fell in love with it. Matsumoto grew up as a child of a Japanese restaurant, so he has been eating delicious food since he was a child and has a good tongue. He's a top-notch bartender, but he must have been a top-notch cook.

Thanks to

and Mr. Shimaji of Salon de Shimaji, we came to reproduce Mr. Matsumoto's keema curry with retort pouch food at Salon de Shimaji.

Iwate brand pig Shirokane pig is used luxuriously

Originally, I used to use platinum pork (Hackington, platinum pork), which is a local Iwate brand pork, because of the sweetness of fat at the bar, but Mr. Matsumoto was also involved in the product planning of a famous aged meat store. Due to the connection, it was commercialized as a retort curry this time.

Since minced meat inevitably becomes small during the cooking process for retort, it is said that the minced meat was made as thick as the thickness of the little finger at the time of preparation to retain the taste of the meat.

Then, we asked a manufacturer who is particular about not using chemical seasonings, coloring agents, and fragrances in the raw materials used. The product development department, who had been acquainted with Mr. Matsumoto for a long time, is so familiar with spices that he goes to India many times to train on spices, so he was entrusted with the reproduction of the taste with confidence.

Instead of using special spices that are strangely difficult to obtain, he pursued how to retain the scent of spices that are familiar to Japanese people.

I ate at noon on weekdays, but the moment I ate it, the sweetness spread and then it gradually became spicy. The source of the sweetness is that it makes use of the umami of several kinds of vegetables and the fat of platinum lard. It's spicy but easy to eat, and I had a hard time suppressing the urge to drink beer and highball.

Although it is a retort curry, you can eat it just by warming the taste of the shop. At the end of work or on holidays when you don't want to cook, I want you to enjoy an easy and luxurious time with a beer or highball.

Recommended way to eat

・ Since it contains a lot of chickpeas, it can be used as a snack. ・ Cut French bread garlic toast into small pieces and put curry on it. After that, lightly sprinkle the pepper

Behind the Scenes

Former Weekly Playboy Editor-in-Chief Katsuhiko Shimaji's sense is condensed. A moment in Nishi-Azabu where you can experience first-class and gain awareness of your life

"The bar counter is a study desk for life. I don't know which is the teacher and which is the student." Owner of Salon de Shimaji in Nishi-Azabu, former editor-in-chief of Weekly Playboy, and now active as an essayist and barman. Katsuhiko Shimaji says so.

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Manufacturer Nishiki Foods Co., Ltd.
Product name Shirokane pork keema curry
Ingredient name Pork (from Iwate), chick, fried onion, tomato bureau, fried carrot, rapeseed oil, carrot bureau, flour, beef extract, onion extract, bean paste, sugar , Rice vinegar, spices, garlic, curry powder, fish sauce (fish and shellfish), refined honey, salt, yeast extract powder, (some include wheat, beef, pork, fish sauce (fish and shellfish))
Sterilization method Seal in an airtight container and sterilize by heating under pressure
Contents 180g
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