I want you to bite the whole story
Okinawa Koza homemade sausage

Red, blue, yellow. A fashionable box with vivid primary colors and cheerfulness.

There is a lot of weight when you have it. What's inside?

When I opened the box with excitement, I found sausages and hams of various sizes, shapes, and colors that seemed to be delicious. Each one has a dignified and confident appearance, and appeals to you by looking into your eyes.

"Isn't this color unusual?" "These grains are the secret to deliciousness."

It's the first time I've been moved by sausages and ham.

When you want to share the excitement of opening such a treasure box, when you have something happy with someone close to you, when you want to thank someone, or when you can share a table with someone you can't usually meet ...

At such a special time, I TESIO Give a sausage. It's definitely a dish that brings to mind the happy face of the other party.

Magic in the city of Koza

Such lively sausages are made in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture. By car from Naha 50 It's a place that was once called Koza, a few minutes away.

Okinawa has a strong image of a lively tropical resort, such as the blue sea and white sandy beaches, Kokusai-dori with souvenir shops, and large leisure facilities. However, unlike tourist destinations, Koza is a city full of humanity, where people live as they are, and at the same time, it is a city with a strong exotic atmosphere that has developed as a castle town of the US military base.

On weekend nights, the main street of this city, called "Gate Street," is surrounded by an extraordinary atmosphere that you wouldn't think of in Japan during the Reiwa era. There are no familiar signs such as chain stores or convenience stores on the street, and there are bars and live houses that seem to have jumped out of American movies from a long time ago.

Nostalgic and gorgeous neon lights illuminate the streets, and music echoes from here and there. The laughter of those who walk along the road, swaying like dancing, floods the streets, dazzling, lively, and magically sparkling.

But at dawn and when the sun rises, the magic melts.

The people who flooded the street disappeared, and the shop, which was surrounded by noise, closed the shutters heavily. The sound of the engine of a passing car echoes quietly. It's a calm and realistic city that makes me think that the scene last night was a phantom.

On Gate Street, which has returned to reality, there is a lively shop that shines brightly as if it were still magical.

That is charcuterie (meat processed food shop) TESIO is.

TESIO Sprinkle on salt to make sausages and bring each one to life. The sausages are alive and ready to move, as if they were magical.

A bridge between Koza and people

As soon as you open the bright and open glass door and step into it, you will be immediately drawn into the world view. Antique decorations decorate the store, and it doesn't look like a sausage shop.

In the showcase in front, various kinds of colorful hams and sausages are lined up beautifully like a decorated cake.

These glittering hams and sausages are not only beautiful but also perfect. Made by a full-fledged German manufacturing method, all handmade.

Its reputation goes beyond the sea and attracts visitors to select food shops and popular restaurants in prime locations in Tokyo. again, 2019 German International Contest in the year IFFA At (the largest international trade fair in the meat industry), all three items exhibited have achieved the feat of winning awards including a gold medal.

The driving force behind the breakthrough was the owner, Hiroki Minei's " TESIO I want you to feel the charm of the city of Koza through the ham and sausages. " Mr. Minei, who is also the central figure in town planning, has strong ties with the local people.

Actively collaborating with surrounding stores, constantly creating new things and projects that excite people. TESIO It is not uncommon for people who visit the store for sausages to become fans of the city of Koza.

Sausages where conversation is born

Mr. Minei cherishes the identity of hams and sausages from Okinawa, and is particular about ingredients from Okinawa such as island peppers and awamori.

"Among the many delicious sausages in the world, TESIO We are looking for a "taste" that can only be produced in Japan. " Such TESIO It is not just the taste of ingredients and spices that gives the unique "taste". Mr. Minei says that the stories and episodes behind it are the best seasoning.

One of the seasonings is the raw meat, which can be said to be the life of processed meat. TESIO Meat is procured at "Fukuhara Meat Shop" just behind the shop. At this butcher shop, the butcher's owner divides the pigs hung by himself into parts and handles them.

He carries it on his shoulder TESIO Will bring you to. It's different from the meat that is delivered on an assembly line, where someone you don't know packs it in a pack and the courier puts it in exchange for a stamp at a factory somewhere far away. It's the freshest, most humane and special meat.

This sausage is full of bonds and dramas with the people of Koza. TESIO Was this the reason why I felt that I was being called out when I opened the box full of hams and sausages?

Inside the box, there is a card with each feature and recommended taste. Please take a look at it and enjoy it while talking with the sausages.

TESIO The magic created by the sausages will bring life to the usual dining table everywhere and shine brilliantly.