Doctor Ishii

Improving skin problems saves lives
First cosmetic dermatology in Japan

The man who visited with tears is still unforgettable.

That's what he says, including the Ishii Clinic in Aoyama, Tokyo, which opened the first beauty dermatology department in Japan in 1973 and has been in contact with people with many skin problems. Seiko Ishii, a medical institution doctor Ishii.

The man, who had been suffering from the symptoms of his facial skin peeling off for many years, had been having a hard time with no hope of improvement even after trying many clinics and cosmetics. is.

At that time, Mr. Ishii was holding a fermented skin lotion for the representative product " THE FINGGY ( The FINGGY ) " by Dr. Ishii at a department store in Tokyo. After hearing the rumors of the event from the cosmetologist, Mr. Ishii gave him a sample of the product when he visited the venue with the thought of snarling in the straw.

And a few days later, when he returned to the event venue, he cried in his eyes and said, "I really met this and my life changed." It seems that he came to express his gratitude with tears, saying that it was improved by>.

Sometimes skin troubles are so serious that even life is affected.

I started with acne in adolescence, and every time I got rough skin even after I became an adult, it was very hard for me to face my skin in the mirror, and I even didn't want to meet people. I still rush to dermatology if I have skin problems, but I realize that skin problems are more serious than people think, regardless of age or gender.

The man's words are still deeply engraved on Mr. Ishii, who has been close to various people's skin problems for many years.

I'm so deeply worried that my life will change, and I'm confident that I have the power to appeal to that extent. The encounter with him was a big one for me, wasn't it?

Birth of Japan's first cosmetology dermatology

How did the fermented skin lotion of " THE FINGGY ", which has the power to change your life, come about?

It was an era when Japan did not yet have the concept of medical beauty.

Dr. Reijiro Ishii, the founder of Dr. Ishii, a beauty medical institution including Ishii Clinic, and Seiko's father, worked as a dermatologist at the Japan Red Cross Central Hospital.

Every day to face the life and death of patients who are carried with severe illness such as burns. Meanwhile, a woman suffering from acne visited her, so Dr. Ishii loosened her cheeks and said, "It's okay because acne isn't life-threatening," and the woman suddenly started crying.

Witnessing that figure, he said, "What a terrible thing I said to this woman, even though it was a big worry that would be a life-and-death problem." It will be an opportunity to walk the path of the department.

Fermentation liquid "Nakamura fungus" that does not go out of the gate

Then, Ishii Clinic requested the opening of the clinic and prescribed it to patients with skin problems. Liquid medicine "Fingy mask ® "

The high effect was well received, and there were lines at the clinic every day, and people from all over the country who wanted the Fingy Mask ® visited.

* Nakamura bacterium aged fermented liquid is a fermented product of Saccharomyces defatted rice bran.

Before the opening of Ishii Clinic, Seiko's grandfather heard rumors of a fermented liquid that is said to be good for the skin in Kansai, and it was the one and only "Nakamura fungus" that was specially divided. It will be an encounter with "t119> ® aged fermented liquid".

This fermented liquid made by Nakamura Enzyme Co., Ltd., which has a history of 160 in Kyoto, is the underground water of the Otowa Forest near Kiyomizudera, and is rich in minerals. It is said that ideal fermentation could not be achieved with other water.

Then, on the day of the tiger, which is said to be the coldest in the year, add sake lees and rice jiuqu to rice bran, ferment with Otowa water, and then 3 years or more. It will ferment.

The "Nakamura Bacteria ® Aged Fermented Liquid", which was born in the blessed environment of Kyoto, is still complete because it is made up of not only yeast but also complex bacteria of various bacteria. A rare fermented liquid that is said to have not been elucidated.

Concept 20 years, father and daughter's dream

However, since Fingy Mask ® is a drug, it cannot be prescribed without a doctor's consultation, and it is necessary to store it in a cold storage, so it is difficult for people who have difficulty visiting Aoyama's clinic. , It is said that many voices were received requesting commercialization.

I had a plan to make it into cosmetics for a long time. It finally came to such a story in 2011, but it was a dream of me and my father before that.

Although it is

, the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration ( Food and Drug Administration: FDA ) is required to make Nakamura Bacteria ® into cosmetics. It took a long time, one step at a time.

Finally, in 2012 , the fermented skin lotion " THE FINGGY ", which does not require prescription and refrigerated storage, was released to the general public as cosmetics, and "more people with fingery masks. The dream of a father and daughter, "Ni", was realized over 20 years from the conception.

The main component of

is "Nakamura fungus ® aged fermented liquid" as well as Fingy mask. The unique scent of Nakamura Bacteria ® is a proof of this, and by blending methyl salicylate and peppermint oil, you can feel a refreshing sensation that makes your skin wake up comfortably.

And, in the wake of the voice saying "I want a line that you can rely on this even if you are busy every day", 2020 year 1 month THE FINGGY < Cleansing fermented beauty essence, fermented beauty water, and fermented gel have been added to the t19> series.

Actually, the new 3 item contains "Nakamura Fungus ® mature lotion" even though it is contained in the fingery mask ® . It is a component that is difficult to stabilize for a long period of time, and contains a mud ash extract called "Ishii Pete Extra ® " that was not included in the fermented skin lotion. > ® can be expected to have an effect close to

Fermented cosmetics are increasing now, but Nakamura Bacteria ® , which has been growing in Kyoto for a long time, is unique and unique in the world. Most of the other products have a moisturizing effect, but I don't think there are many fermented liquids that have excellent bactericidal, sedative, and antibacterial effects.

From Mr. Ishii's facial expression, he expressed his passion and confidence in the product.

If you like your skin a little more than yesterday.

Like a man who came to thank me in tears at a department store, FINGGY has saved countless skin problems, but compared to major manufacturers, FINGGY .

However, it is said that people who have used it once often become repeaters, and that man is still a regular user.

His mother and her sister are now patients at our clinic, and they still exchange midyear gifts and year-end gifts.

Of course, it was a skin problem at first, but now I have a relationship with my family that goes beyond that, and even when my father died, he wrote a message.

Since skin quality and skin problems are different for each person, there is no magical product that will receive 100 % 10,000 people and will be effective tomorrow, but it will be loved by people of all ages and genders. The Fingy Mask ® and FINGGY products seem to show the high effect.

I feel that it was a great solution for people with skin problems.

Mr. Ishii's gentle yet powerful words are proof that he has been close to many worries for many years.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a week, a month, a year later, if you like your skin in the mirror a little more than yesterday. And if my heart is light and positive.

Ishii's parents and children hoped to help them to brighten their lives even a little.

From now on, I hope that the number of people who have saved their lives by FING GY will increase. Pray.