Beer and people, 10 people, 10 colors
Independent brewery that pours individuality into barrels

When I hear " Kriek (Creek)", I still feel nostalgic for sweet and sour. It's a cherry-flavored beer that I liked when I lived in Belgium when I was a student.

" jupiler " reminds me of the faces and challenges of my friends at the time. It was this red-labeled beer that was cheaper than water in a university vending machine. In Belgium, everyone had their favorite beer. If you go for a drink, choose your favorite beer from over 100 brands.

"Beer for the time being" doesn't work. Each beer has its own personality and story.

Enjoy the variety of beer

Even in Japan, beer has an overwhelming presence among alcoholic beverages, as if no adult had ever drank it. Nevertheless, not many people can answer their favorite brand or style.

When choosing wine or sake, beer is always and everywhere, even though we choose varieties and brands in consideration of individual tastes such as heavy or light, sweet or dry, and the marriage with the meal at that time. Beer". The stereotyped image of a light golden drink that is refreshing and sharp through the throat is firmly established.

That should be it, most of the beer sold by major Japanese beer makers is called "Pilsner" among the beer styles (types) that are said to have 100 or more. It's a kind of thing.

"Craft beer" is a place where you can enjoy the unique taste and flavor that is a bit different from "common beer".

Craft beer is a unique beer made with a small brewery that is full of the creator's commitment. Recently, the number of pub restaurants where you can drink craft beer made on the spot called brew pub has increased significantly, and you can see it more often in the city.

Under such circumstances, there is a remarkable brewery in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, which is constantly making high quality and unique beer.

" DD4D BREWING & CLOTHING STORE " by Keita Yamanouchi, a young brewer who is a hot topic in the beer industry.

The topical brewery that appeared in the apparel shop

Mr. Yamanouchi is the first head brewer (brewer) of the popular brewery " Y.Y.G. BREWERY " in Shinjuku. Immediately after the store was launched, the store was featured in many media, and it was also talked about that Mr. Yamanouchi, who was originally an office worker, was appointed as the head brewer in his 20 generation.

After that, Mr. Yamanouchi, who won many awards at the International Beer Cup, which is one of the five major beer examination committees in the world, and made sure of his ability, started returning to his parents' house in Matsuyama. This is " DD4D BREWING & CLOTHING STORE ".

Despite being in a rural area, fans and people who have heard the reputation from that time still come all the way from afar

When I visit the

store, I am amazed at how it looks.

Mr. Yamanouchi opened a new store in a select shop for apparel that has been running for over 20 years.

In the back where fashionable shirts and bags are displayed, large beer tanks that are rarely seen are lined up, and beer taps can be seen from the wall.

Each DD4D beer that can be drunk in such a novel but mysteriously comfortable space is unique and has its own claims. It's like a selection of clothes lined up there.

A place that is always exciting

In DD4D, beer changes just as the clothes lined up in the store change depending on the season.

Here, I am making new beer at a pace of 1 and 1 in two weeks. Every beer is surprising and you can imagine the taste, such as sweet and sour ones using mandarin oranges, which is a specialty of Ehime, heavy ones with cold brew coffee, and sweet and gentle tastes using coconut milk. It's just exciting.

Try drinking " Jalapeno IPA ", which had a strong impact. It is a beer using that green chili jalapeno.

When I pour it into a glass, the scent of jalapeno floats at that moment, and the scenery of Mexico comes to my mind.

When I try to eat it while pounding, the calm jalapeno flavor is exquisitely blended into the beer, making it easier to drink than I expected. It wasn't spicy at all, but I could feel the flavor of jalapeno, and I drank it all at once.

Unique elites

The four people who make a variety of beers that do not fit into such a ready-made frame are as diverse as beer.

Mike, an American who was working as an interpreter when Yamanouchi happened to meet at an exhibition, was actually a great brewer who started a small brewery in Paris and made great growth. "It's like a major leaguer joining the grass baseball team," says Yamanouchi.

Mr. Sato, who is in charge of branding, is also an international faction who grew up in Hawaii. He also designs the bottle.

20 Russian Sergei, who has lived in Matsuyama for over a year, is a former professional cook who is studying yeast around the world through bread making, etc. Familiar with knowledge.

It is this DD4D beer that 4 people with different nationalities and backgrounds have a genuine desire to "make what they want to drink" and enjoy making it from the bottom of their hearts. ..

Courage to like what you like

"I want to convey the diversity of life through beer," says Mr. Yamanouchi

Beer and way of life are all different and everyone is good. If you can give me the courage to step out a little and do what I love, instead of going mainstream.

All beers with such a message are a little stepped out of the “common beer” and are full of individuality and commitment.

It's okay to enjoy it alone, but I want to drink while talking with people around me.

Each favorite beer is surely different. Everybody say everyone differently.