Wing club

Thoroughly noticed "like"
Ultra-precision model made from drawings

By Emotion

Exhibition at Aoyama store (Currently, the store has moved.)

There is something you want even if you wait.

The day after I heard from an acquaintance, I turned to Aoyama.

The destination is Wing Club along Kotto Street in Aoyama, Tokyo.

(The store is currently relocated.)

A number of airplane models that you can see from the middle of the stairs leading up to the store on the second floor. At the end of the door, various models such as aircraft, battleships, and engines were lined up.

And the closer I got to the showcase, the bigger the surprise.

Every small part is precisely built in, from the cockpit to the engine to the Pitot tube (a thin tube for measuring the speed of an aircraft).

There was an encounter with a model made by a professional, which is different from the plastic model that I assemble by myself.

started from noticing "like"

It all started at an airport in California when Wing Club representative Masayuki Yano met a desktop model of an airplane (a model that fits on a desk).

As a designer, I saw the desktop model and felt a design that the plastic model did not have, even though I simplified the aircraft, and in the movie I watched when I was a kid, on the desk in the commander's room I remembered the model I had left.

and Mr. Yano look back.

One of the models purchased at this time is the X-1 in the photo, the world's first manned aircraft that broke through the speed of sound in horizontal flight.

It is said that the fact that he "likes" airplanes and realizes what he wants to do was the first important thing in making "like" a job. It's not a money account or a profit or loss, but you can do it because you like it. With this encounter, Mr. Yano started importing and selling airplane models alongside the designer.

In order to continue to "like", think independently and do it independently

The current Wing Club does not simply import finished models from overseas. In order to create his own model, he transcribes the drawings in-house, constantly collects new materials, and accurately reproduces the proportions and colors of the aircraft.

And when I heard that someone was making an elaborate model to make a drawing as a model, I went to see a country that ordinary people would not go to, 15 He met modelers and manufacturers in other countries and found a partner who met Mr. Yano's request.

Also, regarding the damage and damage inherent in the model,

"I repaired it well even though it was broken!"

It seems that Mr. Yano is proud to be told by customers that

, and by holding a modeler in-house, he will repair it unless it is broken in a great way, and it will always be in perfect condition (the aging is the history of the customer). I am trying to make you enjoy it.

The shop is a work that collects "likes"

Mr. Yano has two things to enjoy.

One is to be able to see the finished model that you want at the very beginning.

I see, it is unique to those who have made "like" a job.

And the other is to get to know various people through the model.

Mr. Yano comes to the store, which is one of his works, and he talks about it equally as a person who likes models, regardless of the customer, the president, or the employees. The best thing is to have fun and get back home.

By all means, have a conversation with yourself

I don't think it's easy to realize that you like it.

By Emotion is taking up someone's "like", and I would be very happy if everyone notices "like".

And I hope that this model will help you to take off by having this model beside those who find "like" and those who can start the challenge toward "like".