Kimono artist Hitomi Ito vol.3

Richness chained from "arrangement"
Time to look back at yourself from the inside

Nowadays, new lifestyles have been born in various aspects, and I think there are many people who have had the opportunity to look back at themselves by turning their outward-looking eyes inward.

Every day I face the question of "true affluence" that I have forgotten in my busy schedule while asking myself what is really necessary and important for me.

Kimono artist Hitomi Ito, who wears kimono as a daily wear, also says that she realized the importance of time to face herself through her encounter with kimono.

The third serialization by Mr. Ito, who says that wearing a kimono changed her attitude and consciousness of behavior, is the way of facing herself starting from "arrangement" and the richness given to her. Chain of consciousness.

To arrange is to be yourself without overdoing it. Mr. Ito, who says so, how does she have a reasonable relationship with kimono?


that suits the person's life

When you hear the word "kimono", you have a strong image that you must wear it properly, but from Mr. Ito's dressing, you can feel the beauty of the natural body that is closely related to daily life.

When I asked Mr. Ito, who sometimes plays with her son in the park, how to put on her kimono, she smiled gently and she said, "I don't wear it beautifully from the beginning." A word.

Imagine the schedule of the day and how far will you raise her arm? How far do you spread your legs? Considering the range of motion, I try to shorten the length and loosely tighten around the waist so that I don't wear it neatly from the beginning.

Every Sunday, I slide on the slide and run around in the park with my boy (laughs)

It is said that the change in dressing that was close to such a life was an opportunity for Mr. Ito to change the "concept of beauty" as well.

I used to think that it was the most beautiful to have no wrinkles, but now, as a mother, I feel that the wrinkles that are created after hugging my child are the most beautiful. I think the most beautiful thing is how the person can be like that person.

A chain of arrangements

And, by wearing a kimono, the posture that you were always curled up naturally adjusts, and by paying attention to the skirt and hem, each action becomes polite. In terms of health, Mr. Ito says that her obi warms her stomach, which makes her less hungry.

He says that the biggest change in life in a kimono that has brought about such various changes is the "preparation of the mind" that is connected from the consciousness of posture.

Wearing a kimono will help you to adjust your posture, and if you adjust your posture, you will be able to breathe, and if you breathe, you will be able to adjust your mind. It's like adjusting the body, breathing, and mind that are valued in zazen, and I'm always aware of it during the time I wear a kimono.

The spirit of Zen, which originated in Japan, is expanding, such as incorporating meditation into our lifestyle worldwide.By stretching your back and being aware of the correct posture, you can take one breath, take one breath, and maintain a calm and normal mind

I am convinced that the inner abundance created from this "chain of order" is the secret to Mr. Ito's elegance and calm atmosphere that soothes the people he meets.

The most important "morning dressing" of the day

The most important time of Mr. Ito's day is getting ready in the morning to face himself.

I try to prepare myself when I wear a kimono. As an image, it is a time to connect yourself with the outside world.

While feeling the new wind and temperature in the morning with your skin, think about who you will meet today, what you should wear to make you happy, and think about the content of the day so that you can communicate well without difficulty. , I will match what I do with myself on that day at the time of getting dressed.

Mr. Ito, who is thinking about coordinating according to the people he meets that day, once again said, "Kimono that can put a feeling into the pattern is a special costume," once again respecting and loving the kimono. Let me peek.

The kimono that Mr. Ito was wearing on this day is a cool summer pattern with seasonal vegetables on willow. The obi is decorated with a cute zigzag, and he said, "I hope you can relax even a little." (Shooting is midsummer)

Kimono: Willow and Yukiwa with summer vegetables, Komon, Obi: Chidori dyed Nagoya obi

Changes you feel with your five senses

And surprisingly, Mr. Ito's dressing is said to be worn with all five senses rather than looking at it.

I try not to use vision as much as possible when dressing. For example, instead of looking in the mirror to see the hem, adjust by whether the ankle touches the hem.

If you look at the spine in the mirror, it looks distorted, but if you sharpen your senses, you can see that the spine is sewn on the spine. I usually try to train my intuition by being aware of my five senses.

By using your intuition in this way, you are sensitive to your own changes.

It's hard to notice with clothes, but kimono always has obi and strings in the same place, so you can notice changes in your mind and physical condition. When I can't always make a beautiful shape, my heart is a little disturbed.

Also, when I'm not feeling well, I dare to take the time to prepare and adjust to face the body.

Behavior is compassion for people

Mr. Ito cherishes the time to face himself, but what kind of part are you aware of when dealing with the people around you?

For example, when I think about it in a small society, it's a little bit like putting a cup of tea to my husband and putting it out with my hand, but I'm sure it's the other person's. I think it feels different, and even with the same tea, I'm happy and enriched.

And I think that the next time you do something, the richness of your heart will be chained and spread outside to the company etc.

The action is "compassion for people", and it is said that you can convey your feelings and share a good time with the other person by being aware of it.

In this way, Mr. Ito, who carefully keeps in mind from daily movements, valued the great influence that small words and actions have on the other party.

To make yourself a comfortable figure is

Smooth communication with others,

It leads to a chain of affluence.

Even if it's a detour, Mr. Ito chooses a way to feel the flowers of the seasons so that he can feel the change of seasons with his skin. "Because I was born in Japan with four seasons." Smiles.

What you get after facing yourself is

It may be a talent to notice the smiley richness hidden in the trivial daily life.