Beside the plane that surprised the world
From structural beauty to imaginative journey

Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model
Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model

Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Model

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The Zero fighter (commonly known as the Zero Fighter) that I have seen many times in the video of war materials and movies in my life.

It is associated with the bravery associated with overwhelming the fighters of each country with their cruising power, speed, and fighting power at the beginning of World War II, and the fact that it was used as an airplane of the Kamikaze corps at the end of World War II. The ephemeral nature of life.

Perhaps because of the dark story behind the Zero Fighter, I may have spent my time without looking directly at the plane itself.

Meanwhile, from the model I saw at the Wing Club, I felt the beauty of the structure of the airplane itself and the beauty of the line, and it was the moment when I felt "I saw the Zero Fighter for the first time".

What kind of sound and vibration was it?

When I look at the engine, I can't help but imagine it.

What kind of sound and vibration do you feel in the cockpit?

I think that was the beginning of this imagination for a single-cylinder off-road bike that I bought as a part-time job when I was a college student.

The sound and vibration that echoes to the core of the body, which is created by the vertical movement of the piston.

I loved the speed that couldn't be achieved by humans alone and the feeling of controlling it, which was caused by the explosion.

For the

Zero Fighter 52 type engine, the first thing to notice is the thrust type single exhaust pipe where the right side 6 and the left side 5 exhaust ports can be seen from the outside. Inside the cowling (a part that covers the engine to rectify the running wind) is the Eiji 1 type (air-cooled radial engine) consisting of two rows of star-shaped 7 cylinders.

Looking at the

model, it is obvious that the rear row has a structure that exposes the face from the gap in the front row in order to enhance the air cooling effect, and further, a narrow groove structure (fin) that cools the heat of the engine is built in. It seems to be a rare elaborate.

Imagine how the Zero Fighter pilot felt the sound and vibration emitted from this engine, and it took a while.

The highlights are

When Mr. Yano of Wing Club Co., Ltd. was in elementary school, the first plastic model I saw at my friend's house was Marusan's 1/35 Zero Fighter 52 type. Yes, it seems to be a memorable model,

The plastic model I saw at my friend's house is completely different from the wooden model I had seen so far, it is made of plastic and the canopy (canopy covering the cockpit of the aircraft) is transparent, with the fuselage I still remember that there was a rivet on the main tail, and I was shocked by the decals (stickers for transferring to models and reproducing difficult logos) and the overall construction.

, Mr. Yano looks back.

Mr. Yano liked Zero Fighter, so he started making it at the Wing Club, but his first prototype was too big for cowling and he started over. He seems to have made a convincing balance model for the second time.

Mr. Yano's favorite part is the line that flows from the cowling to the canoby, probably because of his childhood memories.

The shape of things is meaningful

If you have been involved in manufacturing, you will understand. The designer's feelings are in every part.

"If the Japanese were a people who were good at imitation and craftsmanship, as some people say, I don't think that zero battle would have been born. "The Japanese bloody plane" was designed based on a unique way of thinking and philosophy, considering the national situation of Japan in the world from beginning to end-that was the Zero Fighter. " ( Quote: "Zero Battle: Its Birth and Record of Glory" Jiro Horikoshi )

I would like you to develop your uniqueness through the enjoyment of imagining and investigating while looking at a precision model.

Behind the Scenes

I can do it because I noticed "I like it". Original ultra-precision handmade model starting from drawing transcription

"Even if you wait, there's something you want there." The day after I heard from an acquaintance, I turned to Aoyama. Along Kotto Street in Aoyama, Tokyo, the destination is the Wing Club. You can see it from the middle of the stairs leading up to the store on the second floor ...

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Product name Zero Fighter Type 52 1/18 Museum Model Specifications
types Models can be selected from the following four types. For the normal model, the cowling can be removed and the canopy can be slid.
  • Normal model (dark green paint specification or aluminum sheet specification)
  • Half skeleton model (dark green paint specification or aluminum sheet specification)
  • Normal model Overall length: 50 cm Wing width: 61 cm
  • Half skeleton model Overall length: 50.6 cm Wing width: 61 cm
Material Mainly FRP, some resin, metal, acrylic
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