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Kimono couture

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  • Custom kimono dresses that can be selected from all 8 types of designs
  • You can also bring your own kimono and make it
  • Supports fine size adjustment online


Dresses for those who love kimono culture

I want to wear a kimono on a daily basis, but in reality I don't have the time to spare. Not one or two people have thought so.

Kimono itself is very valuable, and because you wear it in the form of an obi, you can feel the beauty of the color scheme, the beauty of the work, the beauty of the material, etc. Become.

However, in the dizzying days, I can't afford to put my sleeves on my kimono. I met in such a situation Haute couture kimono dress , "Kimono couture" of the season.

"Cache-coeur" type wearing image

The gorgeous colors and embroidery peculiar to Tomesode are used. Kimono is reborn as a black dress with beautiful Japanese techniques. I'm also happy that the design itself looks like "now". Whatever it is, "sensually beautiful to the eyes" is a very important point. And because it is a simple type, it is easy to put on and take off.

When it comes to wearing a kimono, in addition to the kimono, you will need 襦 袢, Japanese-style underwear, socks, sandals, collar core, obi, obi tie, pillows, obi fried, and many strings. In addition, you will need a hair set.

For seasonal kimono couture, all you need to dress up is a dress, shoes, and accessories. That alone determines the style, and when you visit overseas The story of the dialogue "Japanese craft beauty" Where it becomes The biggest attraction of kimono couture Is.

Kimono couture design

There are 8 patterns of seasonal kimono couture. In addition, Haori is also proposed.

① Cache-coeur

A type that leaves a tight line like a kimono. Antique kimono fabric is used abundantly on the obi, which is an accent. The neck and décolletage are neat and the face looks gorgeous, while also covering the shoulders.


② Cocoon

The design gives an intelligent and elegant impression because the amount of visible skin is small. A feminine silhouette that looks simple but has a rounded shape is popular.


③ Drape neck

A sleeveless model with an accent on the neck. This model, which has exposed shoulders and shows the skin while being modest, gives a slightly sexy impression.

Drape neck

④ Halter neck

The neck has a characteristic, and the ribbon gives a back silhouette. It will produce you elegantly.

Halter neck

⑤ Raglan sleeve

A simple line Featuring elegant sleeves, The shape of the sleeves is different from the cocoon type, and the long sleeve design is impressive every time it moves.

Raglan sleeve

⑥ Plum

Since it is attached so that the sleeves cover it, More like a kimono sleeve It is an expression.


⑦ One Piece 1

Because of the pattern that makes the body line look thin A popular design for large size people. The ribbon on the sleeve is one point.

One piece 1

⑧ One Piece 2

Because of the pattern that makes the body line look thin A popular design for large size people.

One piece 2

Choose from these eight types, and choose the fabric from the stock that has a seasonal edge, or It is also possible to bring your own kimono and consult Is. After consulting about how to put out the pattern, you can complete your own original kimono dress.

Order flow

1: Please contact us from the inquiry form.

* If you would like to make a kimono you have, please let us know when you contact us. We may ask you to send us your kimono in advance and decide whether or not you can make your desired dress design.

2: We will contact you by e-mail with customer information (height, three sizes), your favorite dress design, your favorite pattern, etc.

3: We will deliver a sample dress to your home based on what you asked.

4: Please try on the sample and hear in detail by e-mail etc. about your request for size adjustment.

5: Please return the sample and make adjustments. I will fix the part.

6: We will deliver the finished product.

* If you wish to adjust the size even at this point, we can handle it free of charge.

Behind the Scenes

Kimono dress spun by recycling that connects Japanese aesthetics to the present age

It is a beautiful kimono that is created by skilled craftsmen through many processes, but unfortunately there are many people who sleep carefully in chests of drawers. Producing seasonal dresses ...

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  • You can also make a dress with your own kimono. If you wish, please contact us by inquiries. (Price will be quoted separately)
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