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  • A barrel selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya, a leading whiskey critic. t4>
  • Vanilla scent and "sweet x spicy" gorgeous taste


series selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya vol.3

I want to fly to American whiskey for the third bottle. "Jack Daniel's original single barrel".

Why the mundane Tennessee whiskey? Bourbon whiskey, including Tennessee whiskey, actually holds the key to the taste of Scotch whiskey.

To make

Scotch whiskey, the law requires that oak barrels of 700 liters or less be aged for 3 years or more. Traditionally, most of the barrels used are empty bourbon or sherry barrels. The ingredients of the aged bourbon and sherry barrels, in turn, give the scotch a rich taste and aroma after a long aging period.

For example, scotch aged in bourbon barrels has a rich vanilla scent. This is because the American white oak used for bourbon barrels contains a lot of vanillin, and once used for aging bourbon, the scent of wood does not come out too strongly. Of course, the bourbon component that has soaked into the barrel also plays a major role.

In other words, making good quality bourbon using good barrels is an indispensable condition for making delicious scotch.

The world's number one 2 major brand

Originally bourbon is a popular whiskey born in the United States. The definition of bourbon whiskey is stipulated by law, and the main requirements are that the ratio of corn in the raw grain is 51% or more, and that it is aged in new barrels of white oak that has been charred inside. , And being manufactured in the United States, and so on.

Many people often think that Kentucky whiskey is bourbon, but although Kentucky is a major source, it can be made anywhere in the United States.

And, after satisfying the conditions of bourbon, further manufacturing in Tennessee, filtering with charcoal before barreling ( charcoal mellowing ) Those that meet the 2 conditions are called Tennessee whiskeys.

Although it is the name of the place of origin of bourbon, charcoal filtration gives it a more mellow taste than normal bourbon.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

"Jack Daniel's" is a major brand that is drunk all over the world, and its production volume is enormous.

The world's top-selling whiskeys are Indian whiskeys made for the domestic market in India, but if you look at the international brands excluding them, 1 is Scotch's "Johnnie Walker". , 2 is "Jack Daniel's". The annual sales volume of "Jack Daniel's" is about 1300 10,000 cases ( about 1 100 million 5600 10,000 ) < It has reached t18>, and it is the existence of the best in Bourbon.

Moreover, while "Johnnie Walker" consists of several series such as "green" and "gold" in addition to the famous "red" and "black", "Jack Daniel" is a standard bottle " Old No.7 ”occupies most of the time.In the brand, the cleanliness that does not create upper and lower classification like Scotch makes you feel like American whiskey

Drop by drop 10 Filter over a day

Mr. Tsuchiya says he has visited the "Jack Daniel's" distillery many times.

The distillery is in a small town called Lynchburg, Tennessee, and I went to cover it many times. This town has a population of about 400, but it is like Jack Daniel's theme park because it retains the distillery and the old townscape when it was founded.

But the distillery currently in operation is large. Raw materials for dent corn, rye and barley malt are saccharified and fermented and distilled in a huge continuous still. The new spirits packed in barrels are laid in a warehouse, but there are about 100 to 150 buildings in the woods around Lynch Burke that can store 20,000 200-liter barrels. increase. It's spectacular.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

However, it is not just systematically mass-produced. The delicate commitment unique to "Jack Daniel's" is everywhere. One of them is charcoal mellowing ( charcoal filtration ) before barreling.

We start by sawing logs of sugar maple (sugar maple) from Tennessee and burning charcoal. Spread crushed charcoal to a depth of 3 meters in a dedicated mellowing bat (filter tank) with a diameter of about 3 meters, and drop new spirits drop by drop from the upper pipe.

It takes 10 days to barrel the spirits that have passed through the charcoal layer. No matter how large the production scale is, we will not change here.

20 Improve the barrel material over the years

Another commitment is the selection of barrel materials.

Brown-Forman, which owns "Jack Daniel's", has its own cooperage ( barrel factory ) and has been enthusiastically working to improve the quality of barrels. , Says Tsuchiya.

New barrels are used for aging bourbon, but most of them are made from American white oak wood cut from the forest around Missouri. The cut wood cannot be used as it is, so it must be dried.

Ideally, it should be dried in the sun for 2 years. That will remove the unpleasant aroma. However, it takes time and cost, so it is difficult to use it with cheap bourbon. Most bourbon has used artificially dried wood.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the unpleasant aroma that cannot be removed by artificial drying, the technique of charring the inside of the barrel (burning with high heat) was born. For cheap bourbon that can only be laid down for a couple of years, that's enough.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

Bourbon is rarely aged for a long time. 8 It has been said that if you let it sit for more than 8 years, the miscellaneous taste will increase. This is partly due to the poor quality of the barrels.

However, at Jack Daniel's, who advocates premium bourbon, they age for 5 to 6 years on average, and they have been studying the importance of sun drying for the past 20 years.

When I try sun-drying for 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months, the taste is clearly different. In the end, it settled down to two years of sun-drying, partly due to a request from the Scotch distillery to pick up the used barrels.

So what about Char? As a result of my research, I decided to first toast (add heat slowly) with the far infrared rays of the charcoal fire, and then lightly char it.

With only char, heat permeation stops about 3 mm from the surface of the wood, but with toast it permeates up to 7 mm.

When heat is applied, the lignin contained in the wood changes to vanillin, and the vanilla scent becomes stronger. I think Jack Daniel's taste has changed a lot in the last 10 years since I started using these barrels.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

A special "human barrel" extracted from a large-scale distillery

However, in "Jack Daniel's", there are few chances to encounter bottles packed from outstanding barrels. The contents of the aged barrels are uniformly mixed in a large tank, filtered, hydrated to an alcohol content of 40 %, and shipped in bottles.

It takes more time and effort to extract a well-made barrel and make it into another series.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

But 15 to 16 years ago, we started a scheme to sell single barrels to customers. Originally, you could only buy it at a distillery, or you could only buy it from within the United States, but now you can buy it from abroad.

Obviously, no single barrel is the same, and they all taste different. The same thing has the fun of a once-in-a-lifetime meeting that you can never meet again.

When I contacted the distillery, I was told that 5 barrels would be selected as candidates for tasting, so I asked them to send me 5 samples.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

As a result of tasting 5 barrels, Mr. Tsuchiya chose , which had a piercing vanilla scent and felt the best balance.

It's very rich compared to ordinary official bottles. The official taste is light, but it has a stronger taste and aroma. It has a vanilla aroma, an oak aroma, a sweetness derived from the raw material corn, and a spicy rye. It does not have the roughness of Kentucky bourbon, and the gorgeous aroma and smoothness of the mouth are outstanding.

Packed in barrels selected for single cask and aged for 7 years longer than usual. Moreover, since the alcohol content is 47% and the water content is low, you can feel the original potential of Jack Daniel's.

People who are familiar with it and should be familiar with it are surprised to find that they have unexpected abilities in the back ──

A happy surprise is that it broadens your horizons and grows you. Isn't it the same in human society and whiskey?

Behind the Scenes

The world's "hito barrel" selected by the leading whiskey critic

Since the 2000s, whiskey has been attracting more and more attention in recent years due to the appearance of highball and health consciousness such as low sugar. Mr. Tsuchiya, a whiskey critic and representative of the Whiskey Culture Research Institute, has earned tremendous trust in the whiskey industry ...

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