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Mamoru Tsuchiya's "Hitotaru" vol.2

TEELING 2003 15 years
TEELING 2003 15 years
TEELING 2003 15 years

TEELING 2003 15 years

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  • A barrel selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya, a leading whiskey critic. >
  • Fresh fruity taste with sweetness


series selected by Mamoru Tsuchiya vol.2

For the second bottle, I would like to mention the Irish single malt "Teeling 2003 15 years".

Have you ever heard of the name "Cooley Distillery"? It's a distillery on the Cooley Peninsula, on the northern tip of Ireland, near the border with Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. For Irish whiskey fans, it's one of the hottest distilleries.

is because this distillery was the catalyst for opening a hole in the Irish whiskey market, which has been in an oligopolistic state for a long time.

Irish whiskey revolutionary

Irish whiskey has a long history. In the first place, the word whiskey is said to be derived from the Irish word meaning "water of life", and although there are various controversies, it is the established theory that whiskey making began earlier than Scotland.

Many distilleries have been operated during the long history, but the consolidation of distilleries has accelerated due to the Prohibition in the United States and the Irish Civil War.

In recent years, the two major powers, the "Middleton Distillery", which builds major brands such as "Jameson" and "Tullamore Dew" in the southern city of Ireland, and the "Bushmills Distillery" at the northern end of Northern Ireland, are in a state of domination. Was continuing. By the way, "Bushmills" is said to be founded in 1608 on the label, and is considered to be the oldest distillery in Ireland.

Cooley Distillery appeared in the oligopolistic market in 1987 as a third force. It was founded by John Teeling. Originally an Irish whiskey historian, he bought a factory that produces alcohol from potatoes and turned it into a whiskey distillery. In Ireland, it is the new whiskey distillery for the first time in 100 years.

The whiskey we aimed for is not a mass-produced product, but a small-scale but high-quality whiskey unique to Irish. The business concept was to revive the once prosperous Irish brand.

Since its predecessor was an alcohol factory, it is rare for an Irish distillery and is equipped with a pot still (pot still) and a continuous still, producing both malt and grain whiskey. Alternatively, he made various attempts as an "Irish revolutionary", such as rebuilding the Kilbeggan Distillery, which had been out of operation for 50 years, and although it has a short history, it is an international contest. Raised to win numerous awards.

However, in 2011 , Mr. Tyring sold the distillery to Beam. Currently, Coolie is one of the distilleries under the umbrella of Beam Suntory.

"All the goodness of Irish is out"

Mr. Teeling sold the distillery, but this time his sons opened a new "Teeling Distillery" in Dublin in 2015 . The new distillery in Dublin is said to be the first in 125 years. Although it is a small pot still 3 group, we aim to make a craft-like and careful whiskey.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

Ten years ago, there were only five Irish distilleries, but in the last three years or so, the distillery has been at once due to the global craft boom from around 2012 to 2013. Has increased. Currently, about 30 locations are in operation. The Teeling Distillery is one of them.

says Tsuchiya.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

And the brand of the tealing distillery is this bottle "Teeling", but since the operation started in 2015 , there is almost no aged raw sake stock yet.

Actually, that is exactly the reason why Mr. Tsuchiya made the original bottle until he bought it in a barrel.

When you sold the Cooley Distillery, you took over a considerable amount of raw sake and brought it with you. Otherwise, even if you open a new distillery, there will be nothing to sell for about 10 years.

Cooley Distillery's single malt whiskey wasn't particularly impressive at the beginning, even after tasting. After aging for 15 or 20 years, surprisingly delicious food comes out. When I drank it, what was this! I thought.

Moreover, its deliciousness was clearly different from the deliciousness of Scotch.

It's so delicious that you can't put it on Scotch. It has a taste like fresh tropical fruits. However, processes such as distillation are almost the same as Scotch.

They use non-peat barley malt made by an Irish mill, but when you taste the whiskey, you have to say that it's different from Scottish barley. hey. I thought that the goodness of Irish is all about whiskey.

Secure a barrel of "lost raw sake"

Mr. Teeling planned an original bottle because he wanted to know the high level of Irish while the coolie raw sake prepared by Mr. Teeling was not exhausted.

Negotiated bottling with a single cask (whiskey bottled with only one barrel of whiskey) at the Teeling Distillery, which inherited the original sake. The barrels I finally chose for tasting were distilled in Coolie in 2003 .

© Whiskey Culture Institute

Irish whiskey uses non-peat malt and is often 3 times distilled, but this barrel is the same 2 times distilled as Scotch. It is brewed with non-peat malt made from Irish barley and aged in bourbon barrels.

Mr. Tsuchiya expresses the impression of tasting as follows.

It's very fruity, but it's not Speyside fruity. Fresh fruitiness such as lychee and peach, not ripe fruit. I also feel the sweetness. It's a mystery where this taste comes from.

In response to the global whiskey boom, the growth of Irish whiskey is remarkable now in terms of both evaluation and production volume. There are 4000 Irish people in the United States, and the production volume. Half of them are exported to the United States.

© Whiskey Culture Institute

In Japan, Irish whiskey tends to have the image of "a sub-class of Scotch" and "cheap whiskey". But the reality of Irish is far ahead.

I think it's a good way to reset the "old preconceptions" here, but how about it?

Behind the Scenes

The world's "hito barrel" selected by the leading whiskey critic

Since the 2000s, whiskey has been attracting more and more attention in recent years due to the appearance of highball and health consciousness such as low sugar. Mr. Tsuchiya, a whiskey critic and representative of the Whiskey Culture Research Institute, has earned tremendous trust in the whiskey industry ...

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