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ハーフスケルトン(改造版)© Studio Ghibli
© 1992 Studio Ghibli - NN
ハーフスケルトン(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli
ノーマル(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli
フルスケルトン(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli
付属の模型(テーブル、エンジン)© Studio Ghibli
© 1992 Studio Ghibli - NN
ハーフスケルトン(改造版)© Studio Ghibli font:Arial
© 1992 Studio Ghibli - NN font:Arial
ハーフスケルトン(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli font:Arial
ノーマル(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli font:Arial
フルスケルトン(劇場版)© Studio Ghibli font:Arial
付属の模型(テーブル、エンジン)© Studio Ghibli font:Arial
© 1992 Studio Ghibli - NN font:Arial

Savoia S-21 1/18 model

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It will not fly with this wing length, so please make it 1 cm longer. Other than that, it's OK. Please show me the S-21 with long wings.

In the memory of Masayuki Yano, director Hayao Miyazaki said that in front of the prototype model of "Savoia S-21".

© Studio Ghibli

The blockbuster animated feature film "Porco Rosso" directed by Hayao Miyazaki was released in 1992.

Mr. Yano, who runs the Wing Club (Aoyama, Tokyo), a specialty store that produces precision models of airplanes, also rushed to the movie theater as soon as possible.

The scene where the main character Porco Rosso's favorite machine, Savoia S-21, is flying was so real and surprising. In conventional animation, the depiction of flight was not real. I thought the S-21's airframe design was also excellent.

Mr. Yano, who was impressed by S-21 of "Porco Rosso", started to make a prototype of the model without being asked by anyone. The scale was decided to be 1/24.

But it's not easy. Animation is just a picture drawn in two dimensions. I started by buying related books with anime scenes to make 3D modeling. This is to create a drawing of S-21 with reference to them.
The most difficult thing was to express the curves that make up the aircraft.

© Studio Ghibli

Originally my profession was a designer, so I enjoyed the work of raising my favorite aircraft into drawings. However, the Savoia S-21 has a slightly undulating line on the fuselage rather than a straight line. I had a hard time expressing it well.

I visited Studio Ghibli for the first time with the completed 1/24 prototype model. At first glance, director Hayao Miyazaki's reaction is the opening remark. Mr. Yano was the first person to be allowed to commercialize the "Savoia S-21" model.

Creating a new genre called precision models

Speaking of "Porco Rosso", there is a famous line that everyone remembers.

The story is set in Italy after World War I. Porco Rosso, an ace pilot of the Italian Air Force, gives up on the army that is being swept away by fascism, and lives alone as a bounty hunter in the Adriatic Sea to exterminate air pirates (empty pirates). A word from Porco to his childhood friend Gina trying to stop the dangerous game with her nemesis Curtis.

"Flying pigs are just pigs."


This word is an eagle grasping the hearts of men, from children to businessmen at the time. Mr. Yano was one of them.

I took it in the sense that people are worth doing what they want to do.

The meaning received overlaps with Mr. Yano's half-life as it is.

I've loved airplanes since I was a kid, and I've made countless plastic models. Aspiring to design, after working as a jacket designer at a major record company, studied in New York and became independent as a designer. He has produced many records and CD jackets for famous artists.

Then, when he wanted to do a job that only he could do, he established Wing Club Co., Ltd., which handles precision airplane models for museum exhibitions. Instead of the conventional plastic model and die-cast model, we will pursue much more precise and realistic model making that can be used as a museum model.

I got sick about 10 years ago and lost my physical freedom. However, even now, there is no shadow in the pursuit of realism, saying, "The model is still developing."

Indeed, on the sidelines, it seems to be a way of life that "flying pigs are just pigs" on the ground.

Commitment is to the inside of the aircraft and the story development

Those who see the 1/18 model of the Wing Club for the first time will be impressed by its precision.
In particular, the model called the half skeleton, in which a part of the airframe structure can be seen, can only be said to be splendid.

© Studio Ghibli

For each model, the modeler makes a wooden pattern one by one, makes a glass fiber (FRP) mold, assembles resin and metal parts, paints them, and makes them by hand.

Just thinking about it is a daunting task. It's not just the modeling of the aircraft that is real.

We are particular about the reality of the story.

© Studio Ghibli

Porco's favorite machine has undergone several repairs and refurbishments, but it seems that he will prepare all the different versions on 1/24 scale. By the way, the model in the photo is a half skeleton model of a museum model made on 1/18 scale, which is Porco's first favorite machine.

All Wing Club models are made to order. The "Porco Rosso" model is also handmade in the order in which it was received, so it currently takes a year to complete. However, its precision, texture, weight, and above all, its presence have an aura unique to time-consuming craftsmanship.

By the way, Mr. Yano has been secretly warming up the sequel to "Porco Rosso" for a long time.

I wrote stage settings, plots, airplane design drawings, etc., and the files that put them together have been kept in the cabinet of the workplace for a long time.

However, even though he fell in love with "Porco Rosso" so much, he didn't have the courage to cut it out, probably because he fell in love with it, and Hayao Miyazaki hasn't been able to show the file yet.

Behind the Scenes <Wing Club>

I can do it because I noticed "I like it". Original ultra-precision handmade model starting from drawing transcription

"Even if you wait, there's something you want there." The day after I heard from an acquaintance, I turned to Aoyama. Along Kotto Street in Aoyama, Tokyo, the destination is the Wing Club. You can see it from the middle of the stairs leading up to the store on the second floor ...

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Distributor Wing Club Co., Ltd.
Product name Savoia S-21 1/18 Museum model specifications

Models can be selected from the following 5 types. In addition to the main body, a model with a radio / telephone on the table and an engine model different from the main body engine are attached.

  • Half skeleton (theatrical version), radio / phone on the table, with modified Fiat Forgole engine
  • Half skeleton (modified version), radio / telephone on the table, with the movie version of Izotta Fraskini engine
  • Normal type (theatrical version), radio / telephone on the table, modified version with Fiat Forgole engine
  • Normal type (modified version), radio / telephone on the table, theatrical version of Izotta Fraskini engine
  • Full skeleton (theatrical version), radio / phone on the table, modified version with Fiat Forgole engine
Size 1/18 SCALE Overall length: 42 cm Wing width: 58 cm
Material Mainly FRP, partially wood, resin, metal, acrylic
Delivery time Since this product is made to order, it takes 1 to 2 years to deliver after receiving an order. We will inform you of the estimated delivery date at the time of ordering.

For damage within 3 months after delivery (natural deformation, cracking, paint or decal peeling, etc.), please show the warranty card given at the time of delivery. We will repair it free of charge. However, the warranty card is valid only in Japan and will not be reissued, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, even within the warranty period, a fee will be charged in the following cases.

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  • Damage caused by movement, transportation, dropping, etc. of the installation location after purchase
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  • Customer accidentally damages the product. If you lose any parts or parts, you will be charged a fee, but aftercare will be provided at any time, so please contact Wing Club Co., Ltd. Save damaged parts as much as possible as they will be needed for repairs.


Since the product is composed of precision parts, we will deliver the product after selecting either of the following two methods without using the delivery company.

  1. Delivery to the store of Wing Club Co., Ltd. [Store address: 5-4-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo] (No shipping fee required)
  2. Wing Club Co., Ltd. employees visit your home and hand over (shipping fee is the delivery address) The actual cost will be charged separately. If you use an airplane, Shinkansen, etc., you will need two seats. * Treated the same as an instrument)


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  • Be careful when handling the tip of the wing, propeller, machine gun, etc.
  • Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight or high heat.