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Photo : Kelly Liu
Photo : Kelly Liu
Photo : Kelly Liu
Photo : Kelly Liu
Photo : Kelly Liu
Photo : Kelly Liu


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'Beautiful City --Water'
All is liquid. All is swirling, turning. All is tumbling and dancing. '
Everything is liquid
Everything is washed away, spinning
Everything falls and dances


Precise design that considers the power of nature

Two months, this work named "Tow Moons" Akoya pearl brand "acoya" and Dutch artist Analys Plantite Collaboration work.

Two Akoya pearls and a gold bangle are reminiscent of the moon, the earth and the sun. The moon orbits the earth, and the gravitational pull of the moon creates the ebb and flow of the ocean tide. For sea creatures and humans, this gravitational force is said to be related to life's activities.

The story that "pearls are born at the time of the full moon" is also because all the forces of the moon and the sun act on the sea at the time of the full moon.

The gold part, which uses a technique called forging, is stretched to retain the unique texture of metal.

The gentle shine of Akoya pearls, which retains the natural beauty of "acoya," and the brilliance of soft gold further enhance each other's beauty.

Photo: Kelly Liu

The "sea" that produces "pearls" and the "moon" that influences the activities of that sea.

Inspired by the connection of the forces of the natural world, this work is fascinated by the beautiful design that is easy to put on every day while feeling the story that resides in the work.

Many works in the museum collection are highly evaluated in Europe Artist

I worked on this work Dutch artist Analys Plantite.

Her interest in jewelry came from her mother's and grandmother's jewelry boxes. In particular, Grandma travels the world and collects various jewelry, and she is attracted to such jewelry and starts making jewelry at the age of 12.

At the age of 15, I started attending jewelry classes after school to learn techniques in earnest. After that, he studied at the famous Dutch art academy, Rietveld Academy, and then Italy's prominent jewelry designer He studied under Jean-Paul Vavet and deepened his knowledge of art as well as his skills.

Analys' works are a series of works named "Beautiful City". Its major features are architecture and geometry, and it has expressed an orderly world under the concept of shifting from a plane (2D) to a solid (3D) and to the existence of space (4D). I feel like it.

The works of Beautiful City over the last 20 years are from the Netherlands. Evaluated as a permanent collection of various European museums such as the Rijksmuseum It has been.

And from 2019, she has begun to work on a further evolved collection of "Beautiful City, Water". The concept of this series of water is "fluidity", and it is not a strongly tied idea or shape, but a work that has a gentle flowing lightness and is closer to the wearer's body.

This time Tow moons is also one of the works of this "Butiful City, Water".

There are many works in the museum collection of Analys for about 10 million yen. To do. What has she been jewelry as art since the 80's? With the new idea of One of the artists who built an era And the work is Highly rated in Europe Have received.

In this way, despite having already made great achievements, he continues to challenge new works and also produces works that take into consideration the price that can be reached by various people. That attitude may be the reason why she is called a good artist.

Art jewelry that wears a story

Mr. Daichi, the director of Akoya pearl art jewelry brand "acoya", talks about the biggest attraction of Analys.

Great concept and great technique. And despite being a highly acclaimed artist with a name, her attitude toward her work continues to produce familiar and smiling works.

Mr. Daichi and Analys met in the Netherlands about 15 years ago. One of her charms is her truly calm personality, which is exactly the same as when she first met.

The characteristic of her work is that she uses gold and is inspired by poetry, etc., and while envisioning the relationship between space and solids, dimensions, etc. in layers, it finally results in the relationship between body and mind. ..

“Her jewelry has a feminine kindness that considers the wearer. That's what makes her work so appealing,” says Daichi.

She seems to be constantly receiving requests for production from many galleries.

It is a jewelry that even those who are worried about combining with clothes can learn how to match it with nature when wearing it. Rather than worrying about how to wear it, the charm of art jewelry is that you are drawn to the beauty of the story and itself and fall in love.

Art jewelry that conveys not only the value of the material but also your own value by learning the story of the work.

Supple, strong, beautiful ...

Isn't it just jewelry for women who will create and play an active role in the world of the future?

Behind the Scenes <acoya>

It has been 120 years since pearl farming was born. A story for the next 100 years

Omura Bay in Nagasaki Prefecture has a history of pearls for 1300 years. Also known as the "Koto no Umi," it is a precious sea with the necessary conditions for pearl farming because it is a closed sea area with gentle tides like a lake and abundant plankton. Most of the pearls currently cultivated in the Japanese sea are of the type Akoya pearls, and among the Akoya pearls in the world, Japanese pearls are highly regarded for their beautiful shine. The reason is...

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