Pearl Far East Collection

Treasure your personality as it is
Pearls that upgrade your style

  • Unique natural pearl jewelry with models, stylists and fashion designers as fans
  • Imported natural baroque pearls and keshi pearls from all over the world, shining and well-shaped (unique) ) Carefully selected and used
  • Simply match jewelry with simple clothes to make it easy and stylish


Pearl Far East Baroque Pearl Collection

Former editor-in-chief of Weekly Playboy, Katsuhiko Shimaji, an essayist and barman, also loves "it is interesting to have irregular natural pearls", a rare Indonesian white butterfly golden pearl natural color. Used bracelet

Limited 3 points / ¥ 264,000

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Beautiful pastel keshipearls produced in various countries such as Ise-Shima, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia will color your neck with beautiful gradation.

Limited 1 point / ¥ 330,000

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We make extensive use of large Keshi pearls, and the presence of 14mm golden pearls (sun) and 15mm black pearls (moon) is particularly impressive.
It expresses how the brilliance of the sun floating in space blends into the darkness.

Limited 1 point / ¥ 1,694,000

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Behind the Scenes

Treasure the individuality as it is. Pearls that upgrade your style

The bracelet is made by Takashi Deguchi of PEARL FAR EAST (PFE). Born and raised in Ise-Shima, the birthplace of pearl farming, Mr. Deguchi became a Japanese corporation that cultivates pearls in Tahiti through his acquaintance after graduating from university ...

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