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Tourbillon in the early days of FM



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  • The model named "Tourbillon" of the emperor produced in 1995 during the early days of "FRANCK MULLER"
  • Only 14 pieces arrived in Japan, especially the platinum of the blue dial. The material is rare and only two. Furthermore, the platinum bracelet was created by Mr. Muller, a special piece
  • , inspired by anecdotes. A design with the meaning of self-defense, with 6 swords in the front and back as a motif


Rare model of "blue dial x platinum" with only two arrivals in Japan

This work is written by Franck Muller FRANCK MULLER Was produced in 1995, when it was founded. IMPERIAL TOURBILLON It is a model named (Imperial Tourbillon).

The number of imported models of this model to Japan 95 Year ~ 96 Of year 2 In a year 14 There are only a few books and a small number of different materials, such as champagne gold, pink gold, and white gold, but the platinum material works are Five Only books.

Above all, of this model Blue dials are rare, with platinum materials 2 Very rare with only books is. and Platinum bracelets are extremely rare to make in the first place , Attached to this individual 17mm The width platinum bracelet is a special piece that has been in stock very few times.


The cobalt blue enamel dial has an oriental guilloche pattern reminiscent of a wicker basket mesh, and the color changes depending on the angle, which is noble like the wings of a butterfly in the South Sea. There is a design that is just right for the name of "Emperor's Tourbillon".

The only watch piece inspired by anecdotes

A long time ago, an Asian royal aristocrat made a pocket watch tourbillon, but because of its complicated and delicate structure, it often broke down, saying, "This watch has a devil." There is a legend that he hated it. Franck Muller is said to have created this "Imperial Tourbillon" inspired by the anecdote.

This model has a cage that holds the tourbillon balance, front and back. 6 By imitating the sword of a book and constantly rotating it, the role was to cut off and protect the evil ones who were trying to invade the inside. This is a device for pursuing the original accuracy so that the person who wears this watch can be saved from all kinds of disasters by comparing the escapement, which is the heart of the watch, to the "life" of a person. Not only as a so-called "amulet" or "amulet", the work has a spiritual meaning.


Franck Muller has worked on many works that incorporate the country and region and their historical background and climate into the design, and embody ideas and philosophies as the mechanism of the clock. This model is the only watch inspired by anecdotes. ..

Tourbillon of extraordinary delicacy and complexity

This watch was made 1995 At that time, the name and mechanism of the "tourbillon" itself was hardly recognized not only in Japan but also in the world, and at the same time, only a small number of watch makers could make it. (( FRANCK MULLER (Early small workshop era)

In the first place, the tourbillon is a unique existence in the mechanism of mechanical watches, and at the same time, it is a model located at the highest peak, and it has a special mechanism that corrects the deviation of watch accuracy caused by gravity on the earth. I am. The escape wheel, which is a conventionally fixed part, and the pendulum, which plays the role of a pendulum, are housed in a special cage, and while rotating it, the fixed gears are driven to even out the imbalance. By doing so, it is a device with the principle of improving its accuracy.

About from now 200 A year ago, when the clock changed from a table clock to a pocket watch, it was an epoch-making system developed to stabilize the error due to the difference in posture, but due to its extraordinary delicacy and complexity, it has extremely advanced technology. Since it was not possible to make this except for some watchmakers, it did not reach the general public.


Together with the precious time of a limited life

We asked the manager of Franck Muller Watchland Gallery about the charm and enjoyment of this work.

If you want to convey it in an easy-to-understand manner, CHANEL "of 1920 If dresses made in the 1980s were on sale, the clothes were designed by the founder Coco Chanel at the time, or made by her own hands, how much value the used clothes would be. I think it depends on the customer's sense of values whether to find out.

Franck Muller said, FRANCK MULLER "" Produced in the early days of Tourbillon I think the same is true for the value of.

But in any case, those "things" contain a lot of the time and passion of the person who created them. And to own it and wear it to live your daily life. I would be honored if you could enjoy the precious time of your limited life with this watch.

Since 2000, with the rapid progress of technology, high precision 3D Scanners and 3 Low-cost mass-produced tourbillons have been developed by producing parts using D printers.

However, beyond the functionality and physical value, it is possible to think of the unique technique that was put into one piece, such as "who made what, how", and the time spent by the watchmaker. There aren't many works that can be done.

Fully maintained at a regular store, with a certified warranty

This has the same technology and knowledge as Switzerland By a professional engineer Full maintenance Will be given. Therefore, this work has been sublimated to the same quality as a new one.


Also, regular certified used guarantee (warranty), genuine BOX Of course, all other accessories are included, and this certified used watch is 1 year free warranty period Is attached.

Even after the free warranty period has expired, you will still be able to use all other official domestic maintenance services, including overhauls.




Distributor World Trading Co., Ltd.
Product name 2852T Impe Real Tour Beyond Platinum 950 Blue Dial
Year 1995
Material Platinum Made of 950
Movement Manual winding
Dial color Blue emeral
Size Length: 43mm (including lugs) x Width: 31mm, Belt width: 17mm

Platinum 950 bracelet

* The clasp (butterfly) part of the bracelet is made of white gold.

Wrist circumference up to about 17 cm is supported.

Please contact us if you would like to add a bracelet piece.

Waterproof Daily life waterproof
Accessories PAW warranty card, instruction manual Book, BOX


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